How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality?

ways to prevent indoor air pollution

Increasingly, scientists in charge of defending the environment are alarmed at the pollution facing the planet. In fact, in recent years, the quality of the air has continued to deteriorate, which has harmful consequences on the biosphere but also on our own interiors, interfering in our homes and our organizations. Pollens, pesticides, road traffic pollution, the list of pollutants that poison our bodies and our interiors are long and this has harmful consequences on our health. In the rest of this article, we will present a list of tips to put in place to have clean air in your home. How to improve air quality in the home? We will give you various easy-to-use tips to get rid of the poor air quality in home. We will review the actions that will improve air quality in home and allow you to breathe generator air to live in good health.

How to Clean the Air in Your House?

best way to clean air in home

The first thing to consider before you can even move on to the different tips is to take an interest in how the ventilation works in your home. This allows you to see the different places in which the air enters and leaves your house and to be able to adapt it in case of problems. Start by finding out where the air inlets and outlets are? What devices have been installed and where? These are questions you can ask when you move in or from your landlord. If you are having problems with polluted air, start by looking at these points which will help change the relationship between indoor and outdoor air and a good way to know how to check air quality in your house.

Discover the Actions, Techniques and Products to Improve Indoor Air Quality

ways to reduce indoor air pollution

Remember to ventilate your house and especially your bedroom

The first tip on how to clean the air in your house is simple to implement and has drastic effects on the air quality in your home. It is important to ventilate your interior twice a day for a minimum of 10 minutes. The bedroom, especially after a night of breathing in a closed space, is loaded with carbon dioxide. Certain exceptional circumstances, such as the case during work or intensive cooking sessions, require increasing the aeration periods and the quantity per day. For example, you can perform a 30-minute aeration three times a day, when you are in these special circumstances. By ventilating the windows in the morning, you remove the bacteria and pollution that have accumulated during the night and similarly, by opening the windows at night, you get rid of the pollution accumulated during the day. If you are located in a place with a lot of pollution and traffic, it is important to ventilate at times when this pollution is limited, that is to say by avoiding rush hours.

Clean Up with Healthy and Natural Cleaning Products

how to improve air quality in your home

An important way for cleaning air in home is to take a closer look at the cleaning products you are using. It is known that doing housework helps maintain a healthy atmosphere and gets rid of dust that can be a pollutant in the air in your home. However, not all cleaning products are of good quality and sometimes they do not improve air quality in home. It is not that the substances present a danger but rather it is the way in which these molecules become volatile in the air that becomes dangerous. In household products, there are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be toxic, benzene and formaldehyde. These two molecules have been categorized as carcinogenic thanks to studies carried out by the International Agency for Research against Cancer. They are said to have the ability to enter the respiratory organs, alter their functioning and ultimately lead to serious health problems. In this case, one way to improve air quality in your home is to start by finding healthy cleaning products. You can start by looking at the eco-labels present in your area and what they mean. This will serve as a guide for you to have products with quality components that will reduce the harmful risks to your health and the environment.

Maintain Ventilation Devices

To continue on the different ways to prevent indoor air pollution, it is to start by maintaining the ventilation devices. You will need to start by first checking that the air inlets and exhaust vents are not blocked. This will allow the air flow to circulate better which will evacuate the pollutants from your home. Likewise, the best way to clean air in home, it is important to regularly clean the various equipment dedicated to ventilation in the rooms but also the kitchen appliances, etc. It is also easy to install filters which are generally inexpensive and limit the entry of polluted air.

Actions to Be Taken in the Kitchen

which items are not a source of indoor air pollution

The last tip on our list of ways to improve indoor air quality is to pay more attention to kitchen maintenance. It may be surprising to hear, but the kitchen is a room that is very sensitive to pollutant emissions. When cooking food, it can cause strong emission of VOCs which must be taken into consideration to reduce indoor air pollution at home. If you are exposed to vapors and fumes that come from cooking food, if these contain toxicities they will directly affect you. If you are wondering how to disinfect the air in your home, the best way is by regularly ventilating the room by installing a hood that will absorb all of these toxins. The hood will absorb as much of the toxins released as possible from the moment of cooking, while the ventilation through the windows will remove persistent toxins. In addition, cooking also plays a role in air pollution. Thus, it is advisable to use milder cooking methods such as steam cooking compared to frying.

In the article above, we gave you our top tips for improving air quality in home. You can also find out more about which items are not a source of indoor air pollution depending on the household products you use or the different foods you are used to cooking. Although the advice above is essential on how to improve air quality in your home, it is also important to avoid certain risky behaviors such as smoking at home or even lighting candles that contain paraffin or modified oils. Indeed, this would promote the emission of formaldehyde, a very polluting molecule.

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