Homemade Outdoor Pizza Oven

outdoor pizza oven construction

Oven-baked pizzas are probably one of the most popular meals, regardless of age or provenance. This soft dough with a smoky taste and seasoned with a thin layer of tomato sauce and melting mozzarella is a dish that has been popular with all generations for a long time. Pizza can be eaten at different times, whether for lunch, dinner, or midnight snacks in front of a movie, it is always delicious enough to feast on with each bite. However, have you ever thought about building your own wood-fired pizza oven at home? You wouldn't be the first. Exploring how to make your own pizza oven is common and not that complicated. Although it seems easier today to use an electric or gas oven to do this, the pizza oven has many advantages including its exceptional woody taste. When building a pizza oven, it is usually put in the garden and it is made of brick. In this article, we invite you to discover everything you need to know on how to build an outdoor pizza oven. What material do you need for your outdoor pizza oven DIY and what are the different stages in the construction? We will give you all the best tips to build a simple outdoor pizza oven.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

wood fired pizza oven outdoor kitchen

The advantage of using a wooden pizza oven to build your pizza is mainly its speed in baking pizza as well as the natural smoky taste it gives to the dough and ingredients. Having a wood-fired oven is a unique experience to have tasty and delicious pizza ready in minutes. In addition, the natural nutrient in food is more present and offers more benefits. It’s also great to have a pizza oven for the energy savings it brings. Wood-fired ovens work with the heat of burnt wood and therefore allow you to cook a large number of pizzas thanks to this heat. Baked pizzas are usually a little blackened on the underside of the dough but this can be reduced by brushing them with flour.

Where Is the Best Place to Build Your Backyard Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

If you want to make an outdoor pizza oven one of the first steps is figuring out where to build it. You can do this anywhere in your garden away from trees. Indeed, it is always more prudent to avoid the contact of heat and fire with materials that can burn. We recommend that you just find an empty spot somewhere near a wall or in the middle of your garden. It is important that your pizza oven is sheltered to keep it dry in humid weather. You can also easily build a small shelter to protect it from the elements.

How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven Step by Step

make your own pizza oven outside

You are embarking on your outdoor pizza oven construction and are finally ready to live this unique experience. But before you can even move on to the construction itself, you will need to review the materials needed for its construction and how they will be useful for your DIY outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

Material for Your Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven Do It Yourself

  • A brick base to make the base
  • A heat-resistant screed base (25 mm thick) also make the base
  • A ceramic fiber panel for the base of the oven
  • A roll of ceramic fiber cover for the oven dome
  • A pizza oven net roll for the oven dome
  • Cement for the outdoor oven to build the dome
  • Refractory bricks for the finishes
  • Refractory bricks specific to the arches for the finishing touches

How to Make a Pizza Oven Outside?

Now that you have obtained all the necessary materials for your wood-fired pizza oven outdoor kitchen, you can move on to the first step of its construction.

The First Step – the Construction of the Base

This stage of construction usually takes between 3 to 5 hours and will therefore build a solid base for your oven. You can use different materials for the structure but in order to have a good base, we recommend that you build it with stones. First, you will need to dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the structure from bricks. Now you have to build the base of the oven. This can be done using paving slabs or by pouring a concrete base over a wooden template.

how to make a backyard pizza oven

The Second Step – Build the Shape of the Oven

Before constructing the base of the furnace, a heat-resistant layer must be laid down evenly using refractory bricks or screed. This is the first step, alternatively, you can use a 50mm thick ceramic fiberboard which is also perfect for this use. ! As for the dome, you can build it using refractory bricks or again the heat-resistant screed. Remember to leave an adequate opening to accommodate your door.

The Third Step – Create the Dome of the Oven

Thanks to the previous steps you were able to build the base of the oven with insulation underneath and you can now build the dome. For this, you can use the heat-resistant screed which will be the easiest technique. You can start by making a pile of wet sand in any shape you want for the inside of your oven. You will then need to cover it with a sheet of polyethylene before applying the screed from the bottom of the dome to its center. Then let everything dry, it may take several days. You can then make an entrance using arched bricks.

The Fourth Step Dry – the Oven and Build the Insulation Layer

To be able to proceed to the insulation stage, it is important that your oven is dry on the outside surface. For this, it is recommended to light a fire three or four times in order to properly dry all your construction. The next step is to cover the outside of the dome with a ceramic fiber blanket. So that it cannot move, you can use a wire mesh. Once in place, render with approximately 10mm cement. After this step, the technical aspects of how to make a backyard pizza oven will be completed. You will just have to paint or decorate your oven.

diy outdoor wood fired pizza oven

In this article, we have walked you through the different steps to building your homemade pizza oven. It is important before starting to use it, to run it a few times in order to remove all residues as well as to be able to understand how it works. All you have to do is place a few pieces of logs and light them. Once the heat has reduced in the center and the oven is hot, you can cook your pizzas one by one. All you have to do is enjoy this pizza fresh from your homemade oven.

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