Home Office Ideas That Will Make Working at Home Easier

These days, more people are working from home than ever. This can be awesome, but it can also become a bit boring and mundane. Making your office space feel light and fun can shift your entire day. These home office design ideas will spice up your work routine!

How Should Home Office Decor Feel?

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Your home office should feel like you! Bring in small elements that bring you joy and can serve as little reminders throughout your workday. Also, remember to keep it tidy and organized. Lack of clutter will help you stay focused on the job.

How to Design a Home Office Space: Questions to Ask

  1. How much space do I have? Measure out your office accurately to start planning.
  2. How do I want my office to feel?
  3. What items do I need to get my work done?
  4. What is my desired office color scheme?

Home Office Layout Ideas

small home office ideas

Make the Desk Part of the Room

This is an ideal option for a smaller square-shaped room. An L-Shape desk that is built into the structure of a home will look beautiful and make for easy design. This desk should fill two whole walls and be decorated with personal touches and work materials.

Desk with a View

Put your desk under a window if you would like to be refreshed by this view all day. This approach will make the office feel less like a cave and provide natural light.

Away from Walls

Placing your desk in the center of a room makes a powerful statement. It is a beautiful visual, and when decorated correctly can appear sophisticated.


Surround your desk with shelves and shelves of colorful books and add a funky patterned rug to give your office a whimsical feel.


Here are a few home office desk ideas we know you will love!

Corner or L-Shaped Desk

Great for small spaces and allows you to face a laptop on one side and tackle other work from the other. This desk has ideal storage capacity and works great with a swivel chair.

Live Edge Wood Desk

This desk is great if all you’re looking for is a place to set your computer town in style. It consists of a simple slab of wood and four thin iron legs. This desk will fit snugly against a wall and conserve space through its minimalist design.

Double Desk

This is a great option for households with two busy at-home workers. There are two areas to sit in and enough drawers for both of you to work freely. Two desks for the price of one.

Portable Desk

If your office space is limited a portable desk is a great option. These desks come in the form of folding bed trays, floating shelves, and tiny laptop tables.

Other Furniture

Home office decor

Home office furniture should be comfortable and stylish. For seating opt for something you’ll be able to sit in for extended periods of time. A padded swivel chair is a common office favorite and will allow you to relax as you type. You can also go for a stylish wooden or metal chair if you favor design over function.

For shelving, try to keep it within close proximity to the desk. This will be more convenient and keep things tidy. If your desk doesn't have shelving built-in, a tall vertical shelf will work well as storage or a place to showcase your design skills. Tower Lamps are a cool shelf and light hybrid that would work great in an office.

Small Spaces

When working with tight quarters, one must be super specific about design. An amazing office is still possible with limited room. Some small home office ideas include items that conserve space or can be tucked away. For desks, or a tiny wooden piece or a portable desk will do the trick. Choose a desk that is narrow and has just enough room for a laptop and book.

For seating choose a chair that will tuck neatly under your desk to maximize your space. For storage, choose a narrow shelf with height. This will give your space more length visually and save you a great deal of room on the ground. When decorating small spaces, avoid unnecessary clutter and too many elements. The simpler the better!


Adding some greenery makes for a cool home office. Consider placing a few succulents on your desk, installing a hanging plant by a window, or draping a long vine across shelving. If you have space, put a large statement plant in an unused corner of the office for optimal oxygen. Plants will refresh your office space and help bring it to life, even on the worst workdays. You’ll feel amazing as you work beside your plant buddies.


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Lighting is super important in an office, especially when there is intense reading involved. Consider incorporating an LED light that will help you work more efficiently and protect your eyes. The lamps come in a variety of styles, from tiny desk lamps to tall standing floor lamps.

Modern Vibes

These modern home office ideas will make your office sleeker than ever. Block colors and crisp lines will help you achieve this aesthetic. We recommend bringing funk vases, stacks of books, edgy plant stands, and a statement rug to the mix. Keep decor clean and minimalist to give off modern energy. You could even add a decor reference to a modern artist if you are feeling fancy.

Wall Decor

modern home office ideas

Wall Art is in trend and conveniently super fun to hang or make yourself! Some home office wall decor ideas include creating a photo wall, floating shelves, hanging a world map, displaying your favorite poster or painting, a funky clock and the list continues. This art can be bought or DIY. Place your wall art in a way that feels organic and tidy. You want it to draw the eye without looking distracting or cluttered.

Back to Work

So you had to go back to work. Wondering how to decorate your office at work? Bring as many of the elements from your home office with you. Work doesn’t have to feel impersonal, so make your workspace more comfortable by adding touches from home. Photos, trinkets, and plants if permitted will make going back to work more bearable.

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