Stylish Ideas and Topical Tips How to Create a Background for Home Office

backdrops for home office

Like many in the world, most of us are adapting to the new normal of working from home and meeting virtually in order to complete our tasks.

These days, as work has become remote, a home office has become a necessity for many. Along with this has come the need for a decent background for home office.

Whether your 'office' is a temporary nook in your bedroom or a separate room for work, one thing is certain: we all need a bright space that looks stylish and well maintained, with a visually appealing background wall for those back-to-back Zoom calls.

Creating a well-designed, clutter-free home office background can not only boost your energy and efficiency but also make you look professional in the eyes of colleagues and management. With a few changes and personal touches, you can go from empty and boring walls to an office full of personality, where you feel confident in the world.

Read on for the best home office background ideas!

Home Office Backgrounds

If you're not ready to fully commit to it, freshen up the wall decor with stick-on tiles or install a decorative panel. Even the smallest of interventions can effortlessly transform any boring home office video backdrop into a fresh and interesting one. Choose a color, texture, and style to make your conference backdrop look sleek yet professional at the same time.

Actual Colors for Best Home Office Background

best home office background

White is a great choice, but how about something more noticeable? Don't be afraid to add bright colors to your home office design. Consider applying some color psychology techniques to boost your mood and productivity during the working day. Consider these colors and their added impact on the mind:


Fresh and balanced. Green is also pleasing to the eyes.


Good for the brain and calming, and promotes communication and efficiency.


Causes a burst of positivity, creativity, and happiness.


symbolizes courage, strength, and excitement. Use this color for a stimulating effect.

Ideas Backdrops for Home Office

home office backdrop options


Fabric panels are affordable, lightweight, easy to install and remove, and you can design them however you like. You can stretch the fabric by fixing it firmly at two points. Creating a branded banner adds a deep layer to your professional look and you can use it literally anywhere. Depending on your position and background, you may have to do some testing to make sure the fabric banner is big enough to fill the whole setting.


home office background wall

You can use any existing wallpapered space, as long as it's not too outdated. If your walls are painted, check out the possibility of adapting one area and turning it into a formal home office backdrop with carefully chosen wallpaper. Another solution could be wall stickers or textured wallpaper. Vinyl backdrops are very affordable and you can get them in almost any design, including your brand logo.


A brick wall can be a great backdrop for a home office video if approached in the right way. An industrial-style interior with brick walls speaks of productivity and sends the right message. Also, suitable furniture is mostly inexpensive and easy to arrange. If your wall is simply white and you want a more dynamic beautiful home office background, try sticking white textured bricks and arranging them in an interesting pattern.


Book lovers and 'shelf lovers' are going to feel cozy with a backdrop wall of shelves. Of course, you can make them more permanent, built-in, or hinged, or you can opt for movable shelves that can be adjusted or moved to another room when needed. Regardless, shelves give you complete discretion, allowing you to place personal mementos, favorite novels, and unique items that showcase your individual style in an instant.

Windows and Natural Light

idea for a backdrop wall

What is the easiest way to improve the space around you? Windows. If your office overlooks a lakeshore or even the verdant treetops, taking advantage of natural light is guaranteed to be a winning backdrop. You may have to put a desk lamp in front of you so your face won't be in shadow as you'll be lit from behind, but the overall effect will be stunning.


Plants are a simple and straightforward solution to a home office background wall. Dark and leafy, tall and proud, long and curly - the options are endless, and a quick trip to your local greenhouse will allow you to create a texture-filled video studio that literally breathes life into the air.

Gallery-Style Walls

If you're into artwork, you'll want to create a gallery wall. The key to creating such a space is to gather enough books to create the impression of a coherent collection, haphazardly arranged next to each other. You could take a more eclectic route, using a variety of frames, shapes, and sizes, or take a more rational approach, using family photos in similar frames, all black and white prints, or a themed collection.

Accent Wall

option for a backdrop wall

If your home has an interesting accent wall, consider having a home office - or at least a place for video calls – near it. Stonewall cladding or wooden panels can be the perfect backdrop. You could also paint a blank wall yourself. Choose gentle shades such as soft grey, pale blue, soothing blue, or blush pink.

Organizing Station

Of course, there's nothing wrong with making everything more work-oriented in one room of the house. Another great option for a backdrop wall is to embrace the 'office' aesthetic and use it as an opportunity to display all your work supplies in an organized way. Clipboards, cork boards, hanging file folders can all look very chic with the right accessories and color scheme.

Personal Decor Collections

Speaking of collections, another great idea for a backdrop wall is to showcase a personal collection that you love. Do you have boxes full of vintage glassware but never found the perfect place for them? Put them on the shelves behind your desk! Do you have a weakness for globes or maps? Create a wall and fill it with your treasures! Personal collections are a great reflection of your style and are sure to give your office a needed twist. Are you ready to spend your upcoming video chats in style and feel at ease in your home office? With our inspiring home office backdrop options, get a sense of comfort and style.

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