Find Out Your House Numerology and Be Prepared to Get Special Answers

The House Numerology

Whether you realize it or not, your home has a history of its own. You can literally feel it by looking at the renovations on the façade. Certainly, the builders have put a lot of work into it. But a qualified numerologist always tells you that your house has a hidden side. It's a unique character and energy.

Generally, all numerologists believe that there is a powerful, inseparable mystical connection between astrology numbers and the events that happen around you. And in order to learn something new and interesting, it is sufficient to carefully study house astrology with numbers associated with a particular place, idea, event, or person. But how do you do it? And why is home numerology worth doing?

The Origin of Numerology

Let's begin by exploring the concept of feng shui numerology. So what is numerology?

Since ancient times, philosophers of different cultures have sought to understand the principle that orders the universe. Many have come to the same conclusion that everything in the world can be thought of as a mathematical structure with a code from a matrix of numbers from 1 to 9.

This view is supported by the fact that everything in the world is permeated with vibrations. Everything has its own vibration frequency, which determines its essence. Vibrations can be expressed in a symbolic form – in a number, by attributing to it a set of characteristics of that frequency. Numerologists study the influence of numerical vibrations and how they can be used to the best advantage for a person.

It is a field of knowledge that studies the relationship between the hidden philosophical, spiritual meaning of home numbers and their manifestation in the real life around us.

There are Pythagorean, Kabbalistic, Chaldean, Vedic, Chinese, and other systems of horoscope numerology. Each system uses its own variant interpretation of number meanings, as one of many perspectives on the same idea.

So, numerology is a centuries-old practice that dates back to ancient times. A large number of modern people, by the way, believe in it and practice it to this day. And if you're looking for a new and fresh way to think about the history of your home, this might be just what you need.

The House Numerology

The whole study begins by identifying your house number – a single digit from 1 to 9 – and then finding out what that number can tell you about the unique energy and character of your home. You are probably asking yourself: “what is my house number?”

Finding Your House Number

Steps to Finding Your House Number

In numerology, you need to reduce your address to a single digit. This is easily done by adding all the numbers together. For example, if you live at 427 Park Street, highlight your house number (“427”) and add the numbers together:

4+ 2 + 7 = 13

If you end up with a two-digit number like ours, add the digits together again:

1 + 3 = 4

So now you know for sure that your house number is 4.

If you live on a street named after any home number.

Ignore it and ignore the name. For example, if your address is 220 3rd Avenue, skip the street (“3rd Avenue”) and add up only the address numerology number. The number “220” turns into a “4” after adding it up.

Steps for Finding a Flat Number

Use your flat number in the same way. After all, it is the most unique number, dedicated only to your premises. For example, if you live at 220 Fulton Street, Apt. 24, only add up the apartment number (“24”, after adding “6”).

But what if your street address numerology or flat number has letters in it? It's even more elementary than that.

Just have them! If your street or flat number contains a letter – for example, '870-C' or '22B' – you need to add the letter to the numbers using the numeric alternative for that letter. This is done by assigning the number according to its place in the alphabet.

Below we give you numerology numbers for letters with a detailed deciphering:

1 – A, J, S

2 – B, K, T

3 – C, L, U

4 – D, M, V

5 – E, N, W

6 – F, O, X

7 – G, P, Y

8 – H, Q, Z

9 – I, R

Thus, flat 22B gives us the numbers "2+2=4" and "2" (for B), and the numerological number "6".

Explaining Your Number

Now you already know your house number in astrology, the logical thing to do is to uncover its meaning and character. Information from experts in home numerology helps to decipher the meaning even for the average person who does not have enough knowledge in this field. Are you ready to find out the meaning of the house number? So, here we go.

Number 1 (Independence, Strength, Spirit)

Home Numerology 1 meaning

This kind of house can be the best place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or simply people who are independent in life and do not depend on society. The energy and power of this home help maintain independence, autonomy, and personal freedom. On the other hand, it is also the right energy for those who are just starting a business, working from home, or just looking to learn more about themselves. Living in such a home helps to strengthen one's resolve and self-confidence every day. But be prepared to feel the other side of the coin. In case you are striving to find a loved one and a life partner, a house with this number may have too much concentration of self-energy and not much partner energy. So if you are looking for a cozy, family-like, homely atmosphere, this is definitely not the place for you. You should think about moving or looking for an alternative for the future.

Number 2 (Comfort, Sensitivity, Loyalty)

Home Numerology 2 meaning

House number two is the exact opposite of house number one and other feng shui house numbers. It is the kind of house that is made for developing personal relationships with devotion and a harmonious mood for living in it. It is an auspicious home for romantic partners, young families, and roommates who are good friends, as people feel comfortable, at ease, and at ease here. As the energy of feng shui house number 2 is soft and sentimental, it is a wonderful space for those who like to surround themselves with pictures of family and close friends, inviting people over for pleasant gatherings. Especially when trepidation is expressed and affection is shared between people.

Number 3 (Fun, Imaginative, Cheerful)

Home Numerology 3 meaning

Experts believe that the number three has a creative, artistic vibe. So a house with the number three is a good place for artists, poets, musicians, or those involved in any other creative field. But it's also a great environment for social gatherings, entertainment, parties and generally for a vibrant and fulfilling life. Number three in house astrology is ideal for hosting informal events and meeting interesting, unconventional people. Others add that if you want to start a family or get creative, a house with the number three can be great, but this same fun energy can lead to distraction or lack of concentration on serious matters.

Number 4 (Practicality, Protection, Stability)

Home Numerology 4 meaning

In all numerology, the number four has a very serious, down-to-earth vibration. This means that house number four supports discipline, scheming and responsibility. It is the best address in numerology to expand your business, increase your family or take control of the financial side of life as order, structure, and consistency are maintained here. This is your place if you prefer stability, don't accept change, or want your home to be ordinary and adventurous! But it doesn't have to be all work and nothing else. House four is very wintry and usually well decorated from a design point of view. It also has a good mix of having a large variety of plants and flowers.

Number 5 (Activity, Publicity, Vibrancy)

Home Numerology 5 meaning

The number 5 house is a house of perpetual celebration. There is always lively and active energy there, which is a great place for people who like to welcome and entertain guests. Since the number five promotes variety and change, don't be surprised if you're in this dwelling for a short while. In that situation, if you're looking for quiet, reflection, or stability, you never find it here. But time spent in the fifth house definitely brings the necessary experience for the rest of your life. Life can teach you lessons in acceptance, purposeful use of freedom, dynamic change and confronting your fears. Most importantly, don't be afraid and make lemonade out of any lemons in time!

Number 6 (Love, Harmony, Family Life)

Home Numerology 6 meaning

Well, this is the perfect home for the family from a spiritual horoscope. House number 6 is a sanctuary, where everyone feels welcome and important. Everything thrives here! In fact, everyone feels 'at at home' with the number six – after all, it is numerology's most homely number. We recommend that residents of a house with the number six embrace the energy wisely: furnishing the space with comfortable furniture and lots of pretty plants. However, living in a house with the number six comes with its own set of challenges. Since 'responsibility' is a weakness for the energy of six, you may feel burdened and anxious in this house. Don't worry if you feel like staying in your little cocoon all the time and not going out to interact with the world. It's perfectly normal!

Number 7 (Self-knowledge, Deep, Spiritual)

Home Numerology 7 meaning

Probably, it is the most powerful number in numerology. The number seven supports a private vibe and can be somewhat secretive and mysterious. Therefore, any house with this number is likely to inspire deep thought and reflection. This makes such a home a good option for introverts or those who like to have a quiet place for reflection and self-discovery when they come home. It is important to remove any clutter from your space as well as your thoughts to harmonize with the energy of your home. This is an auspicious place for those who work in their profession and in their favorite occupation. For example, for a teacher, scientist, or researcher, here they can really take the time to study the topic at hand in detail.

Number 8 (Prosperity, Benefit, Ambition)

Home Numerology 8 meaning

The number 8 house promotes all kinds of growth and ambition, making it a great place for entrepreneurs and career-minded people. If you want to improve your status and position in society, financial well-being or expand your family, this is a great choice for you. All this progression, though, means that house number 8 does not suit those who want a relaxed and measured environment. People who live here can become workaholics and also find that in this house there is the possibility of hoarding unnecessary things and constantly acquiring more and more things. Don't try to buy everything and brag about it, as you could end up being consumed by a money crisis.

Number 9 (Altruism, Tolerance, Community)

Home Numerology 9 meaning

No one remains indifferent to the energy of the feng shui house numbers meaning number nine.

It is the energy of unconditional love, which attracts only good things. Living in a house like this, you learn a lot about yourself and other people. It is above all a place of humanism and charity. The atmosphere is good for creativity, spirituality, unselfishness and forgiveness. And residents of the ninth house always support the tendency to change the world for the better.So, now you know that numerology is a real key to knowing yourself and the world around you with the feng shui meaning of numbers. It can be used to determine character, natural talents, strengths, and weaknesses, to predict significant moments of destiny, and to choose dates for important decisions. The unique science of numbers helps to analyze the personal qualities of partners and the peculiarities of the relationship with them in business or marriage, in society. Magic numbers help you choose the path of life and even a suitable home, which is suitable for you.

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