Home Library Design: From Antique Style to Contemporary Inspiration

Since forever, libraries were always a symbol of prestige and taste in many civilizations. There were places where people went to discover art, culture, and education. As we evolved in times, libraries ended being an integrated part of our household and symbolize knowledge.

By reading this article, you will discover many accessible and fashionable ways to redecorate your house with elegantly styled libraries. We will propose to you many different ways to organize your Library with different inspirations of interior designs passing through antique design to more contemporary home libraries ideas.

The Antique Style Home Library

The first style of the library we would like to help you to achieve is antique. You can bring an authentic antiquary library room design with an old wood look cupboard. To add a touch of the famous antique Versailles looks of inspiration, you can add wallpaper of rustic colors and old painted flowers inside the drawer of your vintage furniture.

Some complementary home libraries decoration idea to create a unique atmosphere in the heart of your house which would be to decorate it with collector’s items such as sculptures inspired by ancient Greek style or painting from the Renaissance era.

You could even consider including some handmade ceramics pieces from antique Chinese or Japanese style for an original touch of orientalism for your library room design. These authentic decorative items will also help you to arrange your books nicely into your very own home library. Our last library room design recommendation for the antique style would consist of bringing some light into it with some Victorian lamps to amplify the cozy atmosphere of the room.

The Classical Library Design for Your Home

home library ideas

Our second inspiration of style for your home library ideas is a more classical one. This style of library room idea is less kitsch than the antique one but still keeps a very conservative look. In the classical home library design idea of the home, the best decorative material to play with is darkened wood.

For example, you can use walnut for its very profound and mature look, which will bring a very luxurious atmosphere into the room. It can be done by adding some shelf directly on the wall or to keep the inspirational idea of the cupboard described in the antique style. For this house library idea, it is an interesting contrast to your library with modern and antique pieces to bring a fantastic atmosphere to your home library atmosphere.

For example, a home library idea could be to use a scale for a decorative accessory that can also help you reach the highest part of your shelf library. Another idea for this home library would be to insert some subdued lights into the darkened wooden shell which would bring a comfortable and relaxing energy into the room.

The Contemporary Library Design Idea

Last but not least the inspiration for your home library idea is to submerge yourself into a contemporary atmosphere. If you want to have a successful minimalistic vibe in your home library, we would recommend you favored the natural outside light into it. This could be done by organizing the room so that your library can be lightened by the window or your bea-glazed if you’re lucky enough to have one.

An idea for this home library is to build your shelf with grey concrete colors with simple geometric forms like cubicles. Indeed, concrete is very much appreciated by contemporary architects because it brings an authentic aesthetic urban look to your interior design. By doing so, your home library will be directly integrated into the wall for a refined and trendy atmosphere.

Choose the Most Appropriate Variant for Your Home

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If the concrete material is not accessible to you, an innovative idea could be to build a transparent shelf library and to add some clear lighting neon’s under it to bring some clear and somewhat natural light. If you want to go deeper into the minimalistic urban atmosphere you could also integrate your home library as an item of furniture for example under a complete glazed living room table. With this contemporary library idea for your home, you will easily reach a sober interior design that will help you focus on the essential things of life within discovering the powerful effects of simplicity.

We gave you some interior design inspirations for an entire home Library. But we also wanted to remind you that there isn’t an easier way to decorate your house than with a pile of nicely disposed books in your bedroom or wherever you feel lights are needed.

You can try to use a pile of books to transform an old lamp into a trendy design one. You can manage to do that by using the pile of books as the base of your lamp. It’s an easy way to redecorate your bedroom cupboard with an innovative idea. Our last advice is to play with your own home Library ideas to create a place that fully resonates with your interior design fantasy.

In this article, we gave you our best top recommendation for you to discover how to innovate a desire in your home library inspiring yourself by three main interior design styles. You can now choose which one of the styles described below will fit better in your house and match what you are looking for.

Although the inspiration we propose to you below is divided into three distinct sections, you can feel free to mix them around the way you like. For example, it could be very interesting to play with two inspirations of interior design by bringing together a very urban look mixed with a classical one.

Whether you are more contemporary working with concrete and rough materials, classical with a dark wooden look library, or antique with the most untraceable collector’s items, the most valuable advice we can give you is to follow an interior design within you’ll feel the most comfortable. Because there is no better way than to feel homey in entering a home library that completely represents your own personality.

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