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trends of interior design in 2020

The trends in design changes together with social changes. It reflects people’s needs and conditions. For example, nowadays, in the time of constant stress and vanity it became very popular to decorate the interior in hygge, Scandinavian and lagom. The main feature of those styles is tending to coziness and comfort, which helps to reach internal balance, happiness and peace. The interior is filled up with a lot of little cute things that creates the atmosphere of peace and quietness. You can find a lot of natural material, pleasant to touch, mild and soft, the ones that bring tactile pleasure.

Another popular style of design appeared as a result of a social phenomenon. It is loft. It has appeared in the times of the Great Depression. In conditions of lacking space for get-together, communication and creativity bohemian youth from reach families started using old industrial buildings for having fun. Usually, they brought old furniture, textile, and other design elements from their parent’s lofts. So in this way a new style appeared, which was characterized by a combination of brutal industrial unprocessed background with luxury posh elements of the interior.

Today we also observe appearing of new interesting currents in design. The most outstanding of them is mixing of elements that belong to different styles and methods of design.

So Let’s Talk about What Is Trendy and Popular Now

  • Individualistic interiors. There cannot be right or wrong decisions – whatever is convenient and acceptable for the owner is good to be used!
  • Combining different materials. Designers are not afraid to use metal, wood, leather, and textile together. The main requirement here is to keep balance. A lot of glass needs to be accompanied by textile and leather, and steel looks great together with wooden elements.
  • Animalistic elements in decoration. It is mainstream nowadays to use pictures of animals in accessories and posters.
  • The abundance of décor. Minimalism is no more the main current in design. The interior must be filled up with the character of the owner. And accessories are playing this role.
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