Smoking Room Ideas for Your Home with Furnishing and Decoration from A to Z

A Place for a Smoking Room Ideas

Due to the resurgence in popularity of cigars and the widespread prohibition of smoking in public places in restaurants, country and theme clubs, prestigious residential complexes and private homes, there was a need to equip a special area for smoking cigars. In addition to protecting others from the smoke, the cigar room has another meaning. Cigar smoking is much more pleasant in a comfortable environment of a specially equipped room.

So, what is a modern home cigar room, and how to make a cigar room or equip it?

A Place for a Smoking Room Ideas

Smoking Room Design Style

When choosing a location for a cigar room, there are some things to consider:

  • The cigar room should be as far away from children's rooms and bedrooms as possible. No matter how good the ventilation is, the smoke still penetrates into nearby rooms.
  • The home cigar room should be located as far away from the kitchen and dining area as possible so that the smells from cooking and serving food do not mix with the aroma of cigar smoke, and the smell of smoke does not interfere with the enjoyment of the meal.
  • The cigar room should not be filled with extraneous sounds that distract from relaxation. After all, bright lights, loud music, and bustle are incompatible with cigar smoking.

How to build a smoking room? The cigar room in the house, traditionally, is an iconic room to which no one is allowed.

The size of the room depends on the estimated number of users. For example, a room of 20 m² can comfortably accommodate 4 – 6 people.

  • In a private home, a cigar room can be equipped in a study or library. But keep in mind that paper strongly absorbs odors and tends to turn yellow from smoke, so books, especially valuable ones, should be in closed cabinets away from the smoking cigars.
  • It is appropriate to place a cigar room in a billiard room or game area for adults, but on the condition that children do not have access there.
  • The home cigar lounge in the apartment is equipped with glazed and insulated loggia.

Ventilation System for Smoking Room

First of all, a system of combined extract and input ventilation and special cigar room ventilation for the indoor cigar smoking room should be installed in the house. And also it is desirable to maintain a comfortable microclimate: t ° C around 20 and 70% humidity. In any case, it is necessary to create a similar microclimate for cigar storage even without any smoking room ventilation design but with a cigar ventilation fan.

Smoking Room Design Style

There are no established canons in the design of cigar room ideas. It is important to follow the main rules in a home cigar room:

  • calm colors,
  • diffused and muted light,
  • possibility of spotlighting,
  • absence of bright accents,
  • nothing should distract from the rest.

Victorian Style

Victorian Style

If we follow the tradition of appearance, it is logical to decorate a cigar room in the English or rather a Victorian style. Moreover, it is considered that to smoke a cigar by the fireplace during a leisurely conversation is the inheritance of true gentlemen.

Pastel tones in home cigar room ideas combined with brown, bordeaux, dark green, lilac, and pink. Massive heavy furniture made of precious wood with various decorations in the form of gilding, carvings, and inlays with precious materials. The fireplace may have a granite shelf. This way everything turns out respectable and reliable.

American Art Decor

American Art Decor

This is the style of the times of the end of Al Capone's “career” and the Great Depression.

Usually, everything is expensive and comfortable. Clear lines, zigzags in combination with streamlined forms. Valuable and exotic woods, brass, silver, enamel, polished precious stones, mother-of-pearl, ivory, crystal, shagreen leather, stained-glass. Smooth, shiny surfaces and animal motifs. Black and white combined with precious shades: gold, ruby, sapphire, emerald, as well as cream and chocolate. Comfortable, yet luxurious furniture. This is one of the smoking-room design ideas and the style of the Great Gatsby.

Thus, the Cigar Room is a closed room, so the interior design of the cigar room can be anything. Everything is to the owner's taste, regardless of the design of the whole building.

Finishing Materials

Natural materials that do not absorb odors are ideal for finishing the room and making the furniture of the cigar room. It can be wood (optimally oak and cedar), stone, and leather. In the implementation of some design styles, you can use plastic and metal. But absolutely undesirable textiles: curtains, draperies, and carpets. Their number should be kept to a minimum.


where to buy Humidor for smoking room

An essential attribute of the home smoking room is the humidor. Originally it was a cigar storage box with a hygrometer to show the current humidity level and a humidifier to control the humidity level at 65-70%.

The most common type of humidor is a desk humidor. It is a closed box with equipment in which to store a small number of cigars, most often in the home cigar room or study. The appearance of a table humidor can vary from a simple box to a decorative piece in the interior.

Humidors are also installed in different pieces of furniture: armchairs, tables, and cabinets.

They are made mainly of decorative or precious wood, as well as metal, acrylic and crystal. But whatever the humidor is made of, the inner walls and partitions are always made of cedarwood, as cedar is able to maintain humidity and its aroma does not interfere with the aroma of the cigar.

Cigar Room Decor and Accessories

In addition to the humidor, cigar room decorating ideas must be necessary for the interior.

A cigar ashtray is an indispensable attribute of a cigar lounge decor. It is made of expensive materials and has wide wells for different cigars. Place several cigar ashtrays on different surfaces.

Cutters are devices for trimming cigar – tips made of medical steel with a diamond covering. There are three types: bullet cutters, special scissors, and guillotines. The guillotines with 2 blades are considered the best.

Cigar warming devices – special turbo-lighters with a wide flame, filled with odorless gas. And long matches with low sulfur content made of cypress chips or cedarwood.


The traditional cigar lounge furniture is a fireplace. It can be a traditional fireplace with wood and classic accessories to it, or it can be a modern bio-fireplace with a special liquid. Having a protected fire that can be contemplated is an important point in creating the right atmosphere for the DIY smoking room.

  • On the walls of the cigar room, regardless of the style of its decoration, several paintings related to the same theme. For example, portraits of famous cigar lovers or famous politicians, images of battle scenes, or old geographical maps.
  • People can spend hours in the cigar room, so the furniture should allow them to sit comfortably and relax.
  • First of all, these are soft, spacious cigar armchairs with comfortable backs and armrests, to which ashtrays are attached. You can sit comfortably in them and take a nap after an evening cigar, putting your feet on the side pouf.
  • Also, in the cigar room can be placed wide sofas or couches with headrests.
  • Next to the upholstered cigar bar furniture, there are low tables, on which a cup of coffee, an inhaler of cognac, or a shot of port can be placed. Armchairs and sofas can be arranged around large low tables with built-in humidors.
  • A small home cigar bar counter and a cabinet for a collection of cigar cognacs, whiskey and port would be appropriate. A wine cabinet would also fit nicely in the interior of a cigar room.
  • If the room for a cigar room is very small, such as a balcony, you can order a cigar-smoking lounge chair made of wood with leather upholstery from a carpentry shop that combines many functions. There is a built-in humidor, hinged tables that hide cabinets with drinks, sliding drawers for accessories and ashtrays, shelves for storing utensils.

We're confident that by choosing the right space, making a basement cigar room ventilation, and selecting furniture and decor items, you can build a truly unique place to relax in a cigar aesthetic. In it, you can enjoy the cigar aroma and forget about the humdrum hustle and bustle.

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