What Is the Hollywood Glam Design Style? All the Secrets to Furnishing Your Interior

What Is the Hollywood Glam Design Style

The word “glamour” is hard to decipher. It means simultaneously appealing, tempting and exciting, romantic and fleeting. What is Hollywood glam? Glamour is also the most theatrical style of interior design — for lovers of spectacle, splendor, and striking contrasts. It also requires an extraordinary sense of taste, without which it can border on tastelessness. We can tell you how to avoid this and create an interior worthy of the stars with Hollywood glam decor!

Glamour is the style of Hollywood “dream factory” from 1930-1950. And to understand it, we should remind ourselves of films like “Gilda” (1946) with Rita Hayworth or “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953) with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. 30s Hollywood glamour, however, is different from vintage, because this style's interiors mix the stylish past with the Hollywood glam and tastes of modernity.

What Is Hollywood Glamour Interior Design?

Interior design in the style of Hollywood glamour is a style inspired by the luxurious and opulent homes of movie actors and directors, especially those who lived in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

It is characterized by rooms full of personality and the desire to make them one-of-a-kind.

This style encourages extravagant choices and colors, as well as eye-catching patterns.

Glamorous Accents in Hollywood Glam Interior Design

Luxury fabrics are extremely important for glamour. Plush upholstery, satin cushions, and silk curtains add charm and elegance to any interior. However, don't overdo it, as soft furnishings should be balanced by the minimalist look of lacquered wood or smooth walls.

Glamour has adopted from vintage love of Louis XIV-style decorative furniture — classic chairs with bent legs and upholstered armchairs with imposing backs. Glamour, however, lies in the details. If the furniture is vintage, it should have modern upholstery. The consoles can be made of glass or plexiglass. Carved wooden elements covered with gold or silver paint give the interior an even chicer.

The interior in the style of glamour should shine, glitter and shimmer — that's why you can't avoid mirrors, ornaments, and crystal chandeliers. In designing the interior, you must choose one of the most impressive elements and combine it with the rest of the Hollywood regency decor. This element, such as a particularly impressive chandelier, should dominate, but not overwhelm the other objects. In this way, the final result is chic and elegant.

Colors of True Luxury

Perhaps the most obvious and immediately striking sign of Hollywood glamour interiors is the disrespectful and bold use of color.

A bold color palette is the first factor that defines glamour. You can forget about calm colors in your old Hollywood bedroom since glamour is the style of the big city, so it is dominated by colors that are far from nature.

  1. Pink, yellow, turquoise, gold, and emerald green are some of the most popular shades in this style palette, especially as accents and secondary colors.
  2. The combination of white and black is a very effective solution. It is good to take, for example, a white retro carpet with black diamonds and put to it black painted furniture upholstered in white fabric. And you can also decorate one of the walls with wallpaper in black and white motifs.
  3. To add an atmosphere of luxury to the interior, you can complement it with items of gold and silver accessories. A mirror in a shining frame or ornate candlesticks are classic decorations of the glamorous style. However, you can also experiment with old Hollywood glamour furniture. For example, why not choose a foot mat embroidered with gold fabric or a coffee table with a silver top?

Colors that are really worth using in a glamorous interior:

  • Purple
  • Emerald green
  • Turquoise
  • Bright pink

But remember, an interior can't be limited to intense colors! Therefore, balance the saturated shades by surrounding them with beige and neutral gray shades. Against this background, bright colors look more effective.

What Kind of Hollywood Glam Decor Is Worth Using?

Hollywood Glam Decor

Glamour would not be complete without stylish and elegant finishes. Here are some ideas on how to decorate the interior and give it a unique character.

  • Wallpaper should be chosen exclusively beautiful, decorated with characteristic textured patterns of suede. Ideal for the interior in the style of glamour is also bright wallpaper, on which you can depict something with a large pattern, and thus create a luxurious atmosphere in a more minimalist interior. If the Hollywood-style furniture and accessories are very chic, you should choose a more subtle and simple wallpaper.
  • Photographs of Hollywood stars, this is a great variant of Hollywood room decor. Black and white photos of Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo, stills from movies such as “Casablanca” or “Gone with the Wind” remind the glamour relationship to the golden era of Hollywood.
  • Jewelry displayed on a dresser or console is also a very good idea for glamorous jewelry. Strips of pearls and chic gold necklaces can be placed in a modern gift box with a clear glass lid. Genuine family treasures inherited from your great-grandmother also work great in this case.
  • Sheepskin on the floor would be a very sensual addition to the bedroom. The noble white and soft texture help create a unique and luxurious effect. This rug looks especially beautiful on a dark, lacquered floor.
  • Every big star uses the old Hollywood glamour decor in their home to accentuate their personality but also likes to add something special in their individual style. This could be some unusual object displayed in a place of honor in the room. An antique silver candleholder, a crystal vase, or an exotic seashell work for this style. It is important for this object to have some kind of personal story that can be told for guests at a convenient opportunity.

Lighting with Glam

Lighting with Glam

Mirrored surfaces and lacquered furniture help you enhance the element of light in your Hollywood regency bedroom, but you know what? You still need the right light fixtures in a Hollywood glamour interior design!

The most effective idea is to use lots of different lights in your old Hollywood interior design. And the best part: they don't have to match each other.

Table lamps in various shapes, including models made in the shape of an animal or other object.

Wall lights

Tall floor lamps with intriguing silhouettes

Notable chandeliers, especially with gold and metal accents or glass elements

The Benefits of Old Hollywood Decorating Ideas

The Benefits of Old Hollywood Decorating Ideas
  • Your interiors are sure to impress all your guests
  • You can feel like a Hollywood star every day
  • Because of its eclectic nature, the Hollywood style is less austere than other interior styles. This gives you the opportunity to make every room truly unique
  • You never have to compromise on room decorations
  • You'll have fun finding the fanciest decorations and artwork

Characteristic Elements of Hollywood Glam Style

If you were hoping for a simple list of items that immediately scream “Hollywood Regency style,” today is your lucky day.

Add a few items from our list to your home, and expect delighted guests. Of the decor elements, it could be:

  • Glamorous finishes (mirrors and lacquered surfaces)
  • Bright and contrasting colors.
  • Animal and tropical prints
  • Sun or starry sky motifs.
  • A freestanding bathtub in the middle of the room.
  • Folding screens or room dividers
  • Luxury chandeliers
  • Marble and stone surfaces

Glamorous interior — expensive, presentable, shiny. Everything must be done to perfection and with perfect taste. But be prepared for the fact that the implementation of this design will require significant financial costs.

Therefore, if you want to decorate the interior of the whole house in a glamorous style, form a detailed project and use our recommendations! We are sure that your house is going to be a real paradise for the whole family.

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