Hitler’s Residence, Located in Berghof, Will Open in 2022 After Reconstruction


Adolf Hitler's house where he was spending holidays, is being reconstructed in Germany. The building is located in the Bavarian Alps (Berchtesgaden community). The establishment is scheduled to open in 2022.

The Berghof residence is located at an altitude of about a thousand meters. The Nazi leader looked at this place even before he came to power- in the 1920s. At first, he rented a log cabin in the woods, and in 1933 bought it and converted it into a luxurious estate with panoramic windows, a bar in the basement, and a bowling alley.

In this house, Hitler held meetings and negotiations with the world and military leaders, as well as various politicians.

As a result of the bombing in 1945, most of the complex was destroyed. Later, a luxury hotel and archive were built on the site of the building.

Before the start of reconstruction, the place was visited by up to 170 thousand tourists a year. The institution could not cope with such a crowd, so it was expanded. On an area of ​​more than 800 square meters, it is planned to completely renovate the permanent exhibition "Idyll and Crime".

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