Hervet Manufacturier, a Paris-Based Furniture Brand Created a Space-Age Furniture

Hervet Manufacturier

Many know the company Hervet Manufacturier due to Cédric, a former Daft Punk’s creative director. Supervisors are just two cousins who have put their whole soul and passion into their organization. Two Frenchmen also engaged in the production of furniture, and for this whole process they have created a design workshop.

Nicholas and Cedric are struggling to bring bold geometric shapes to contemporary energy and design. But this factor does not apply to furniture, everything is very conservative and traditional here.

Paris-Based Furniture Brand furniture

The company's products are characterized by uniqueness and special style, resembling modernism. The brothers brought back into fashion the angular design of classic cars that have long been discontinued.

Another creation of relatives that amazed the world - table football Platinum, which takes them into their childhood, giving memories of space that they dreamed about while playing.

daft punk Space-Age Furniture

All products of the company are produced in small quantities to guarantee the customers the high quality of each product. You can order any of the available products on the official website of the brand. Each item is handcrafted. The manufacturers guarantee a special appraisal of even the most demanding interior designers.

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