Here Are 10 Winners of the iF Design Award 2021 and Their Stunning Residential Homes

Discover 10 winning projects of residential design that won the iF design award 2021. The range of various original houses combines luxurious solid structures and cozy wood homes, inspired by creative and comfortable design. And each of the projects is designed in completely different styles and ways of living. 

The Great Flowing River

The Great flowing river

The Great flowing river is a Taiwanese project which takes place near the river, reflecting its beautiful scenery. The Italian Seves glass and Japanese SA cement create a calming atmosphere and a space of tranquility.

The House 1/2

The House 1/2 project

The House 1/2 project is a symbiosis with the surrounding environment. The barbecue grill was transformed into a kitchen, and the chairs for camping decorated the living room. 

The Cover

Cover project

The Cover project was requested by a big real estate company. The compact construction features a large opening in the roof which lets in a natural light making the space more open. The first floor is visibly protected from the street through exterior walls made of metal.

The White Purity

White purity project

The White purity project features a futuristic interior, breaking away from standards of residential design. The house is designed with monochromatic flowing curves that blur the line between the rooms and creates a dynamic immersive environment.

The Oranque

Oranque project

The Oranque project is a comfortable wooden semi-outdoor space that will make you feel closer to nature but still remaining in the city. You can see a double skin on the façade which not only covers the windows but also improves the production for heat and solar shading.

The Honest House

The Honest house

The Honest house project closely suits the environment and its visitors. Focused on comfortable living, the architect worked closely with the clients to make their personal experience relaxing.

The InHAUS Project

InHAUS project

In the InHAUS project, the Spanish architects use the approach of the history of contemporary architecture. The concept represents how stronger and lighter materials allow full creative freedom.

The Meditation House

meditation house

The Six-direction meditation house also combines architecture with the environment. The natural and peaceful space strives to help people to get close to nature.

The Living Naturally

The Living naturally project

The Living naturally project continues the unique heritage of its Taiwanese residents. The homes and villas are designed in the contemporary style, using Japanese architectural techniques to create a comfortable place full of freedom.

The Romantic project features an area for visitors, dining, and a study designed with classical and modern elements.

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