Hennes & Mauritz AB Has Just Denied That It Is Opening a New Virtual Space

hm metaverse shop

H&M is not about to open an innovative meta-universe shop.

CEEK is known to have shared a video of H&M's virtual shop, which got people excited. Further details about the shop and how users would be able to buy virtual clothes using CEEK's currency and then order the same items in real H&M shops were told. However, the company's representative office refuted all these claims in a statement.

The famous company H&M is not opening a shop in Metaverse anytime soon. They are also not cooperating with CEEK.

Explanation from CEEK

The virtual reality company took to the social media site again and shared a clarification, stating that the virtual shop was just a concept that was presented to H&M officials. Discussions about the three-dimensional shopping option are still ongoing between H&M and CEEK representatives.

It was just a concept introduced by H&M, not a real virtual shop. At the moment there are talks with the management from H&M to make this project a reality, but at the moment it's not possible.

The tweet, from which the viral news went viral, contained a video and a mention that shopping in the meta-universe with CEEK is a concept shop from H&M, which will feature virtual reality without video games.

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