Hallway Decor Ideas or How to Create a Practical Entrance?

hallway decor ideas
hallway decor ideas

The first impression is the most bright and memorable. It also refers to the hallway. This is the part of the apartment that meets us and our guests. Most of us do not indicate this part of their living space for various reasons.

For some owners, it’s difficult to make up the decoration and arrangement of a small hallway. Others believe that the hallway should be practical and homely where you can get dressed (undressed) and put on some necessities (keys, shoe cream, perfume, and lipstick).

This can’t go on! The entrance hall must be a full part of every apartment or cottage. We were wondering how to design a small and ordinary entrance hall.

What to Do If You Have a Small Hallway?

hallway floors
hallway floors
  • The main rule in the decoration of such a room is to stick to one style of interior. Your mini-hallway should be discreet, tidy, and stylish. The style of Loft, Provenance, Classic, or Scandinavian match this requirement perfectly.
  • If your hallway has bad daylight, you can tear down a boring dark wall and put a glass partition instead. This solution will fill your hallway with light so you won’t have to turn on the light at noon.
  • A mirror is one of the main attributes of each hallway. Sometimes you have no place for a separate mirror you can build a huge one into your closet. And if your hallway passes smoothly into your living room or kitchen, a large mirror will reflect objects and create the illusion of more space. If you paint the ceiling in black, then such a tandem can significantly expand the room, even with the size of 3 square meters. Another way to make practical use of space is to install a mirror in the closet door. Also, a mirror can be an art object if you create the sprinkling of small mirrors on one of the walls.
  • Many people are worried about the problem of clutter in the hallway and the presence of huge closets that take up most of the space. Designers can suggest you use open shelving that takes up less space visually. It is better if you have a small deepening in your hallway where you can hide the cupboard. Well, you've saved space.
  • You should look at the perforated walls and various hooks on which you can hang outerwear, hats, bags, etc.

A large entrance hall is a great opportunity. How to decorate such an entrance hall originally and tastefully?

Hallway Floor Covering

You have every right to choose exactly what you like. But it's best to look at the ceramic tiles. It is a durable material that has beautiful external characteristics. Besides, ceramics are reliable in operation and will serve you for a long time. Because the entrance hall area is not the cleanest place in the house, you can divide it into two zones.

The first zone, which is closer to the entrance, can be tiled with tiles, and the entrance area (which is closer to the living room), you can cover with carpet, laminate, or linoleum.

Hallway Wall Decor

Entrance hall wall coverings should be practical, resistant to moisture, and easy to clean. Therefore, paper-based and textiles materials do not meet the requirements. Decorative plaster or wall panels like bricks, stone, or wood are a worthwhile and more practical alternative to wallpaper. Especially if you want to decorate your entrance hall in Scandinavian or classic style, brick wallpapers are your best solution.

Hallway Lighting

hallway furniture

The right lighting is also a very important element of the hallway decor. Local lighting can illuminate the area of the mirror or dressing room. Sconces or modern spotlights are best suited for this purpose.

Hallway Decor

If you want to add spice to your hallway, you can buy an original chair, puff, or bench (if you have a large family). You are in luck if a parallel wall is the first thing you see when you enter the apartment. You can decorate it with an author's painting, a beautiful vase with flowers, or make an accent wall as we described in our article about wall art.

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