Great Solutions of the Kitchen Corner Cabinet

kitchen corner design

The corner cabinet in the interior is a versatile storage space for things both in large and small spaces. A functional kitchen is every housewife's dream. Ergonomics depends on the features of the layout of the room. It is the shape and area that influences which headset is worth buying: a traditional linear or angular one and what is a blind corner cabinet will be for your place.

A variety of design options allows you to choose a kitchen cabinet of any style, and a variety of fillings - for specific needs. And blind corner cabinet solutions will help your kitchen to look great and choose the most suitable version of this furniture for yourself.

Features of Kitchen Corner Cabinet Solutions

The blind corner cabinet ideas almost have no restrictions, they are used for large and small spaces. The main criterion is the width. If the room is too narrow, then it is better to refuse the L-shaped solution. In all other cases, the angular model has advantages over the linear one kitchen cabinet blind corner solutions:

  • the working space is magnified;
  • corners are used that are not always used effectively in linear kitchens;
  • additional storage space is created;
  • a great way of zoning: even in a small space, thanks to the L-shaped kitchen set, you can highlight the dining area.

Corner Kitchen Layouts

kitchen corner design

The classic solution - furniture is placed along two perpendicular walls. This option is suitable not only for the design of spacious kitchen-living rooms in country houses. It is also successfully used when designing a small space.

With a Peninsula

Most of the furniture is installed along a long wall, with a bar counter placed in parallel. In addition to the functional purpose, it solves one more problem: it divides the room into two parts: the dining room and the working room. This option should be used for a room that has the shape of a regular rectangle. Suitable for the design of a kitchen-dining room in a private house. In such cases, it is customary to fence off the living area with sofas.


Recommended for spaces from 10 sq.m. Furniture is arranged along three walls. At least two corners are involved.

The design of kitchen corner cabinet storage solutions can be very diverse. When ordering, ask for an album with a photo to accurately determine the style of room decoration.

Technical Nuances

kitchen design

Internal Corners of the Headset

L-shaped kitchens are divided into headsets with right and beveled angles. It is most rational to use beveled modules: they have more capacity. No need to install expensive retractable devices. A stove or sink can be installed next to modules that have a beveled corner, and access to them will not be perceived as limited.

It is worth considering that experts do not recommend making the beveled module too deep, because it will be problematic to put things in order.

Modules with right angles fit well into spacious kitchens. Their serious drawback is their inaccessibility. Therefore, do not store frequently used equipment and utensils in them.

There are kitchen sets when the corner consists of facades joining each other. For ease of use, it is recommended to equip the interior with draw-out and draw-out devices.

Structures and Materials


The best ideal corner cabinet solution is one that is made according to individual drawings. Therefore, our designers prefer custom-made kitchen sets.

The horizontal lines of the headset can be made both at the same level and at different levels. The last option looks more interesting from a design point of view.

The dimensions of a corner cabinet solution directly depend on the size of the room. It is recommended to order the standard depth of wall cabinets and floor stands - 45 cm.

How to Choose a Tabletop for a Kitchen Corner Cupboard Solutions

Consider the choice of material for the countertop. It depends on him how long it will last. Tabletops are made of a wide variety of materials: steel, natural or artificial stone, wood, chipboard, plastic.

The steel tabletop is highly durable, but it will not look organic in every interior. The ideal solution is a high-tech, loft. The worktop made of natural stone (marble, granite) pleases with its operational properties, it looks impressive. The only serious drawback is the high cost. Therefore, many people prefer democratic analogs made of artificial stone. Can be great blind corner base cabinet solutions.

An excellent modern material for countertops is impact-resistant glass. It has been made using innovative technologies, as a result of processing it acquires increased strength.

Economy option - chipboard and plastic. Their advantage is a multitude of colors and great blind corner solutions. Suitable for those who like to experiment with the interior

Corner Kitchen Interior Design

stylish kitchen design

A small corner kitchen is always better to learn by example. Therefore, we suggest looking at several design options for a small kitchen, in which an L-shaped headset is installed.

We share a few corner cabinet storage solutions

1 Solution

When the footage is small, every centimeter is valuable in it. Pay attention to what an interesting option the designers have developed - they used the window area. The window sill has been turned into a tabletop. Additional storage areas are located under the window. The sink is installed in the very corner, access to it is not very convenient, but the wall opposite the window remains completely free. It is supposed to place a dining area along with it.

2 Solution

corner kitchen cabinet

Due to the small space, it became necessary to use the wall on which the window is located. This made it possible to move the sink to the window, which is still much more convenient than placing the sink directly in the corner. The top could not be used due to too limited space. But cabinets have been added, they make it possible to store the necessary inventory and food supplies directly and can be not bad blind cabinet solutions.

Solutions for the Kitchen with a Loggia

Loggia in the kitchen can only be called a real gift. If you approach the creation of an interior creatively, then this will significantly expand the design options. Loggia can become one of the most favorite places for family vacations. This is air, natural light, the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscape. By the way, the Provence style in the interior is very popular now, the loggia can be turned into a beautiful Mediterranean garden. This can be done not only with the help of fresh flowers, but wallpapers of the corresponding theme will also help create the right mood.

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