Graphical Mirrors – Newness from American Designers

fascinating designer mirror

Modern designers never get tired to search for irregular and nonstandard ideas. They experiment with every element of design in order to offer something fresh.

Let’s talk about the new concept of mirrors, presented by American design-studio Ben & Aja Blanc. Their collections «Superi» and «Ida» are very artistic and conceptual. The units, presented in them, are first of all spectacular minimalistic art objects of pleasant pastel colors, that can adorn the walls even better than elegant paintings. Their simple orbed shapes remind the graphical elements of nice modern letters. But there is no doubt that the main element here is the fringe, but the very American – minimalistic and ascetic – version of it. Perfectly straight rows of thrum on the models «Eos», «Apollo» and «Half Moon» are made of silky threads. The horsehair from Mongolia was used for refinement of «Aries», «Equus» and «Vos».

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