Grandma’s Chic – Retro or Old? Read This Article to Know Why It Is Cool to Have Such Design

granny chic

This modern interior style gives a second life to the objects that our grandmothers loved so much. The trend of rational purchase of things, where quality and reliability serve as the key criteria for the purchase, is being replaced by the original “grandmother's chic” or just granny chic. A distinctive feature of this style is the harmonious integration of vintage items, old-fashioned fabrics, and accessories into a modern interior. One of the leading designers in this area is Vicky Charles, who collaborates with the Soho House chain of luxury club hotels. Among them are hotels such as The Ned and Soho Farmhouse, where the designer managed to recreate a truly homely, cozy atmosphere. Take a look at the photos below and check out the guidelines to see if this charming and approachable style inspires you.

The Grandmillenial interior design style gets its name from two English words: "grandmother" or "grandmother" and "millennial" or millennial, that is, a person born after 2000. It was first used a few months ago by writer and journalist Emmę Bazilian in the popular American interior design publication "House Beautiful'' and immediately won a following.

However, there were those who did not foreshadow those coming. They argue that most people consider everything their grandparents did to be hopelessly outdated. Therefore, there is no point in promoting people to fill with objects that they associate with the generation of the second half of the 20th century.

And yet these skeptics were wrong and "grandma chic" has more and more followers around the world. It is worth emphasizing that the Grandmillenial style is not an apartment for seniors, a trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Spacious Kitchen

If you are not a fan of kitchens packed to the limit with the latest equipment, then perhaps you will like such an original design of the kitchen space. The main storage space is shelves with curtains instead of doors, they are located under the long tabletop. Free-standing kitchen appliances and simple-shaped joinery - this type of kitchen design are most suitable for those who are looking for a budget option, or those who equip their first - and perhaps not the last - home. Chinese vessels and delicate pendant lights provide a subtle contrast to the heavier woods in the room.

Again Wallpaper

In this cute attic baby room, floral wallpaper creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere for mom and baby. The ceiling is covered with wallpaper of the same pattern - this helps to unify the space and hide any irregularities in the corners of the attic. Uncomplicated white furniture and a neutral carpet keep the grand millennial style in the interior from looking overly old-fashioned.

Luxurious Fabrics

granny chic style

There is something divinely decadent about heavy velvet or corduroy draperies, especially when they drop to the floor. This room features an interesting and unusual color combination of olive curtains and pale lilac walls - a classic example of grandma chic design that works with ingeniously balanced furnishings. Instead of the traditional English Wingback armchair, a more comfortable model has been chosen. The leopard print makes the corner of the room look off the beaten track.

Cozy Corner

The windowsill is a source of creative ideas for those who are interested in grand millennial decor and design, which can be safely called not only practical but also attractive. This secluded nook with upholstery and soft pillows is functional enough - books are placed on the shelves for young readers to show interest in them, and spacious drawers serve as an excellent storage place for children's toys and belongings. A mix of retro patterns that evoke a pleasant nostalgia creates a noticeable contrast to the plain white panels and shelves.

Soft Textiles

Textiles are one of the key elements of the granny chic style. An integral attribute in the house of an elderly lady in numerous blankets and rugs, so be sure to add them to the interior: put them in a high pile on a bench, roll them up and put them in a basket, hang them on the back of a chair or cover the bed, as in this example. National handmade woolen products fit best into the interior, and fine herringbone woven fabrics attract attention and create an atmosphere of incredible comfort.

With Your Own Hands

In this chic style bathroom, a chest of drawers doubles as a dressing table. Those who like this idea should take into account that inside the furniture you will need free space for pipes with cold and hot water, as well as for draining into the sewer. This will make some of the boxes unusable. Another idea is to install a sturdy stone countertop on top of the dresser to protect the wood from moisture.

Thoughtful Details

Try to give the kitchen a fresh look with the cookware collection, while trying to arrange as many items of the same color as possible. Small cymbals with bright borders look nice and create an expressive focal point. Such a kitchen with cool gray cabinets, patterned ceramic tiles and noble brass fittings looks very impressive in general.

Play of Colors

grandma chic

A children's bedroom is the perfect place to use a wide variety of colors in unusual combinations. The wood floor remains neutral, but try placing a bright rug on top of it. This pink wardrobe sets the right tone for the granny chic interior, and a few romantic throws further enhance the color effect.

Paired Colors and Patterns

The key to a successful grandma chic style is the ability to combine granny chic decor correctly. These walls and skirting boards in muted colors are the perfect backdrops for patterned accents. The colors of the walkway down the stairs echo the shade of the stripes on the bench seat. The coral color in the carpet pattern is repeated in the pillows and curtains. The overall impression of the interior is elaborate, colorful, and cheerful.

Old and New

The best way to personalize your home and space is to use new and old things together in the interior. This colorful mix of different chairs is much more interesting than a traditional set of identical furniture. Can is used also features sleek, modern shutters in a minimalist style. Additional color accents of grand millennial style can be introduced into the interior using art objects. For example, it is not so hard to find a vintage oil painting in second-hand shops - it will produce a much greater effect than a fashion poster.

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