Glass stairs in the interior: Everything you wanted to know

glass stair

It is difficult to imagine a two or three-story house without a beautiful staircase. How to make the most beautiful one in your house? There are several materials which people can use for the construction of stairs. Each of them has its features and is more suitable for a particular style of interior. Here are the most common variants: concrete, wooden, metal, glass structures. We'll look at the glass stairs. It is up to them to mesmerize and frighten at the same time.

Glass stairs is an elegant architectural detail of the interior, which creates an atmosphere of lightness and weightlessness. They look great in both private apartments and public buildings: despite their fragile appearance, they are very durable and can withstand heavy loads.

We're sure that many people wouldn't agree (at once) to go up or down these stairs. But it's the unjustified fear. Modern technology has come to be perfect in the configuration of this material if we are talking about the strength and reliability of steel. You can confidently step foot on a step unlike the wooden one, it will not bend under you.

People are used to see glass only in the window frame, or as partitions, shop windows, and sliding doors in supermarkets. But seeing a glass product under your feet is a shock to many. Glass creates a certain style. The well-known companies often use this material for office decoration.

The main advantages of glass stairs

  • the unusual, expensive appearance;
  • safety;
  • durability and environmental friendliness;
  • long life cycle;
  • quality glass hasn’t changed in years;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • easy to clean;
  • the universality and the wide choice of models.

The correct form of glass creates an aesthetic look indoors. Standard wooden steps subsequently wear out. They don’t look as organic as the quartz sand structure. Even the stone is inferior to such stairs. The popularity of marble and granite has increased greatly at a certain point. The products which are made of these rocks are at every turn. And glass has been used only recently.

Although glass implies the use of correct geometric shapes, combinations of used figures are striking. Modern technology has gone much further than simply cutting glass. Now it can be glued, you can draw on it, make engravings and create relief forms. There are no boundaries.

The most popular fears

glass staircases for your home

Not lasting

The thickness of 8 mm is enough to withstand a load of 50 kg per cm². For comparison, the brick used for the foundation withstands from 100 kg per cm².

It is expensive

It’s true, the wood is cheaper. But glass will last longer and won’t look worse over the years. It's almost an eternal decoration for home and office.

It is easy to scratch

You can’t scratch glass with typical shoes. Not even every nail will break through tempered glass. Steel has about the same strength. Of course, if you carry quartz or plan to drive a diamond up the stairs, it will scratch. But nobody's going to do it. So don't worry about it.

The stairs will be slippery

The designers know that an ordinary sheet of glass will not fit the stairs. So this sheet is made up of several layers and is covered with an anti-slip coating on top.

Glass combines well with different materials. This feature is actively used by designers. Many people choose glass staircases with steel railing (or modern glass railing). You can use forging if the design of the apartment is made in the classic style.

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