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When people are going to do something in the house – many questions, that need to get a qualified answer, appear. This is especially true for those who don’t understand anything about interior design. Those people who have the means and opportunity to use the services of an experienced and modern designer – they’re the lucky ones. In other cases, you can benefit from assistance in old-fashioned Google and YouTube. These online platforms will not only tell but also show you how to do something at home.

But all will agree there is so much information around us and it is difficult to find something worthwhile.

We established a goal to find a site that will satisfy both those who are in the process of repair and people who like to take care of their lawns. Of course, this comparison will not describe all the power of the site, so just look at the statistics and achievements - they speak louder than any words:

The Spruce

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  • The site is visited by more than 1 million readers every day.
  • 30 million readers trust the editorial board of the site every month.
  • The site is one of the three most popular sites about lifestyle properties online up to ComScore.
  • Coverage in social networks: Facebook (1.3 billion fans)
  • Instagram (245 subscribers)
  • Pinterest (500 users)

And in addition to, more than 25,000 articles on various topics, isn’t this impressive?

A List of Awards

interior design blogs

For 2018:

  • Communicator Award, Winner, General Lifestyle
  • W3 Award, Silver Winner, Website Features, Visual Appeal - Experience
  • Davey Award, Silver Winner, Websites - Lifestyle

For 2019:

  • Communicator Award, Winner, Websites - User Experience
  • Telly Awards, Winner, The Spruce x Lowe's (Campaign: B2C - Bronze, Single: How-to/DIY - Silver, Single: B2C - Silver)
  • Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards, Finalist, Instructional / How-to
  • W3 Award, Winner, Lifestyle Website

Also, they received an award: Digiday Media Awards, Winner, Best User Experience in 2020. And you have to get sure that these awards and a wide range of readership are deserved.

After all, a huge team of Spruce’s professionals works for the readers. Among the authors of articles, there are landscape designers, qualified contractors, chefs, authors of cookbooks, masters of horticulture, experts in the field of veterinary medicine, and of course, well-known bloggers, that have the appropriate knowledge and experience.

Can you imagine how useful this site is? It has everything you want - articles about the renovation, decoration, advice for organizing festive events, for choosing of household appliances. Besides, the Design and all that is associated with it, it is only a small part of The Spruce’s sites family. For your attention, there are the Spruce Eats, The Spruce Pets, and The Spruce Crafts.

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