Create a Cozy Space in the Children’s Room That Won’t Cease to Be Liked over Time

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Children grow up very quickly. Yesterday, the baby felt comfortable among light blue or candy pink decorations, but today this little person, armed with felt-tip pens and colored pencils, has his own opinion about how everything should look.

Therefore, we suggest you find a universal solution for decorating the neutral nursery ideas in the interior.

In this article, we present nine classic color combinations that will help your gender-neutral nursery keep up with the times and grow up with your child.

9 Classic Color Combinations for Gender Neutral Nursery

gender neutral colors

Green with Green

Green is a dream come true for creating a space in gender-neutral colors in a uni-sex baby room. It is associated with harmony and balance. Green tones are good for the development of the child. In the evening, the green color of the children's room will calm the baby and tune in to sleep, and during the day it will nourish the little inhabitant of the room with the pure energy of nature. They also reduce irritability, improve performance, and attentiveness.

Mix and match the different gender-neutral color palette of green on walls, woodwork, furniture, and accessories. Use the most energetic tones to a minimum, for accents, so that the child does not overexcite from such gender-neutral nursery colors.

Romantic Turquoise

neutral baby nurseries

The turquoise color of the walls in the nursery will fill the room with a cheerful, cheerful mood. The shades of turquoise are most fully revealed in combination with yellow, orange, pink. Turquoise is a versatile color for a child's room. As the child grows older, you will change the furniture, decor, and accessories in the room, but you will not have to repaint the walls in neutral baby room colors.

Calm Gray and Positive Yellow

neutral baby colors

Some people like this combination, some don't. But it is truly one of unisex nurseries ideas. Such a simple and stylish color combination is perfect for both boys and girls, it is relevant both in the bedroom of a baby and in the room of an older child.

Muted, discreet wall-neutral nursery paint colors will help create a calm and welcoming atmosphere in the nursery. This is ideal for a newborn's bedroom. And if you choose more saturated shades, then the room will look brighter. This palette is best used in an older child's room.

Red and Blue

unisex nursery

Choosing neutral colors for babies, many parents ignore this combination. This classic combination works especially well for a vintage-themed room.

The hot, intense red accents of wood details, furniture and accessories, and decor will be cooled by the austere and calm blue of the walls. And if you paint the walls in a gray-blue hue, then it will be easy to combine it with other colors when it's time to update the interior.

Blue and White

unisex nurseries ideas

These gender-neutral nursery themes are associated with the sky and the sea and create a wonderfully airy and slightly nautical mood. But in a city apartment, she works even more spectacularly than in a house on the seashore.

The deep and rich blue of a child's room looks very expressive on a white background against a white background. But if you are worried that such a palette can quickly get bored with a child, choose a more muted shade of blue, such as pale blue. It will be relevant in the room of both the boy and the little princess.

Black and White Colors for the Children’s Room

neutral colours for babies

The black and white palette is not the most obvious choice for a unisex nursery, but with it, you get a complete carte blanche for creative experiments with drawings and patterns. White walls with black splashes, patterns in the form of zebra stripes - can be a lot of fun!

Or here's another cool idea: paint a wall or wardrobe doors with slate paint. Later, when your little one has favorite colors, it will not be difficult for you to add a couple of bright color accents to the black and white scale of the room.

Neutral Tones for Maximum Comfort

uni sex baby rooms

A carefully balanced neutral palette never loses its relevance. The main thing is that it should be cozy at home for the baby. She rarely gets bored quickly and can always be modernized in some way, for example, by adding a few bright accents to the interior. To bring comfort to neutral colors for a child's room (light gray, deep brown, terracotta, beige, milky, etc.), try combining materials with different textures and finishes in the interior of the baby's room, for example, woolen bedspreads, fluffy pillows, etc. bedside rugs, untreated wood surfaces, etc.

To further enhance the sense of coziness, one or more walls can be painted a warm, deep brownish gray.

Pastel Intonations

neutral nursery theme

Pastel colors among gender-neutral nursery ideas don't have to be dull. Accents of pastel shades of green, yellow, and pink, scattered here and there, bring fresh, modern intonations into the interior. Such a color scheme in moderate quantities is appropriate both in the nursery of the boy and in the bedroom of the girl.

Try using several pastel shades in the room at the same time. For example, color the walls in the children's room white, and paint the dresser, cabinet doors, and wooden parts in different pastel colors. You will see that the interior of the room will be colorful, but at the same time unobtrusive.

How to Choose the Best Color for a Neutral Baby Nurseries

modern gender neutral nursery ideas

If you still doubt your decision. Before you start choosing neutral baby colors, you need to pay attention to the following criteria of modern gender-neutral nursery ideas:

Character Traits

if a quiet person is going to live in the room, then shades of red or orange should be added to the interior for tone and energy, if the child, on the contrary, is very active, then calm colors are needed: blue or light yellow;

Child's Age

if a person was born recently, then a too-bright room will quickly tire the fragile psyche, and a white or light space can slow down the development of the baby since it is very important for him to look at different colors;

Child Wishes

in order for a person to be comfortable spending time in a room, one must meet him halfway and add to the design the shade he asks for: even in the form of an accent. For example, not all girls love pink, and boys love blue, so if a guy really wants to add pink to the room, then you should order him, for example, a pink rack or shelves above the table of this color, and the rest of the palette can always be matched to the color flamingo.

Number of Zones in Gender Neutral Baby Rooms (for Study, Play and Sleep)

For each zone it is worth choosing your own shade: it is better for the child to work in a lighter zone, to play in a zone painted with rich shades, and to sleep in a calm and soft color.

Effect of shade on a Child

gender neutral color palette

The child is influenced not only by the neutral nursery theme or the color of the walls in the room but also by the color of the furniture and even the color of the toys that he looks at every day.


Red represents activity. If there are red colors and shades in the room, then the child becomes more energetic. If the child himself is hyperactive, then the red color in the design of his room should be avoided. If the baby, on the contrary, is quiet and shy, then red gives him mobility. You should be careful: psychologists say that an overabundance of red can develop cruelty in a person.


Orange improves mood. It is believed to also reduce feelings of loneliness so that the child is left alone in an orange-colored room without any problems. And also, this color improves appetite, so the orange decor is recommended for children who do not eat well.


The color blue increases focus and give the child a sense of calmness. True, some psychologists believe that large amounts of this color can develop depression, so they should not be abused.


The green color makes you fall asleep. It is pleasant to look at it, and it calms. The light shade of green makes you want to learn and explore the unknown.


Blue is one of the neutral baby colors of dreams. It is also suitable for very active children as it calms their psyche. But it is important to know that blue does not contribute to the development of imagination, since looking at it is difficult to concentrate. You should not paint the little person's room completely blue, as it can slow down the development of the baby.

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