A Futuristic Interior Design as a Triumph of Progress, Comfort, and Innovation

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In this article, you will learn about the history of the emergence of futuristic interior design and its futurist architecture characteristics. We will show you interesting design projects and show you how to make renovations in a futuristic style.

What Is Futuristic Style and When Did It Appear

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What is a futuristic­? Futurism emerged at the beginning of the 20th century as an artistic movement and at first, had little in common with today's interiors resembling spaceships. The founders of the style called for the destruction of old cultural norms and a focus on technological progress.

By the 60s of the last century, faith in technology had reached its peak. It was then that the first design projects of futuristic interiors appeared. Space exploration has inspired designers to move some "orbital" elements to earthly homes.

This is how the concept of a functional apartment with streamlined shapes appeared, where everything is at hand. In the future, the style was overgrown with new features until technology and architecture became a single whole.

Characteristic Features of Futuristic Interior Design

If you want to define futuristic style, we can say that futurism style is based on three principles - ergonomics, functionality, and maximum free space. Designers adhere to these principles in everything, from the choice of colors and ending with the arrangement of decor items. Let's take a closer look at each element of the futuristic style and get inspired by the creative ideas of the masters.

Materials and Finishes

The futuristic design is built on modern materials. In the decoration, polycarbonate, glass, aluminum alloys and mirror surfaces are most often used. Such materials, combined with smooth lines and dynamic shapes, most accurately convey the atmosphere of the future.

In a futuristic room, there is almost always a certain asymmetry. Designers convey it through forms - they create multi-level structures with curved lines on the ceilings, divide large rooms into several zones using spectacular arches, and make decorative niches in the walls.

The walls in futuristic-style living rooms are usually plastered or painted, in the bathroom, they are laid out with tiles or mosaics.

Parquet or tiles are laid on the floor. Alternatively, a self-leveling floor is mounted. Fluffy carpets and plain carpet are a rarity in a futuristic apartment or house. However, sometimes such decorative elements can still be seen in the sci-fi interior design of a bedroom or living room.

Sometimes ardent fans of futurism go to extremes, creating an authentic atmosphere in the premises, for example, a spaceship.

Colors and Unforgettable Accents

The color scheme of the interior in futuristic concept art is built on the basis of white, gray, or beige. Designers create bright strokes using cold shades - blue, blue, purple, or green. For zoning rooms, they use not only contrasting colors in the decoration but also additional light sources - most often LED strips and spotlights. Sometimes, instead of cold shades, warm colors are used in the interior - red, yellow, or orange. They create a more welcoming and lively atmosphere.

Futuristic Furniture

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Furniture in a futurist home strikes the imagination with streamlined shapes, ergonomics, and functionality. Most often it is made to order. Check out these original sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables. Such products can hardly be found quickly in furniture stores.

If you do not want to wait several months for making futuristic custom-made furniture, take a closer look at typical products. Furniture in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, or fusion will successfully fit into the interior.

It is best to choose furniture that meets the principles of futurism. Products should be discreet colors, streamlined, and, most importantly, functional. For example, a leather sofa with chrome legs and a mirrored console will look great in the living room. And for secluded relaxation, you can look for a chair-ball, which many associate with the pilot's chair at the control panel on a spaceship.

The bedroom can also be furnished in a futuristic interior design concept with stylish furniture. As a berth, you can pick up with eco-leather upholstery or around bed, and next to place mirrored consoles or bedside tables with leather upholstery and a compartment for storing bedding

The futuristic building design of the dining room will perfectly complement furniture made of plastic, glass or metal. The family and guests can be gathered at a plastic round table with a laconic design, and to create accents in the interior, use decor items or products of a contrasting color, for example, a black or red leather sofa.

Futuristic Lighting

One of the characteristic features of the futuristic home interior is the abundance of light sources. In the process of decorating rooms, designers rarely limit themselves to one chandelier for the entire room. Walls and ceiling structures can be decorated with LED strips of different shades and spotlights, and in the corners of the room, there are often floor lamps with unusual shades.

Designers usually use one or more ceiling lights as the main light source. It is desirable that they be asymmetrical, with curved lines and chrome fittings. The plafond can be made of glass, metal, or plastic. The lamps look very stylish, the shape of which resembles parts of a spaceship or evokes associations with space.

When choosing light fixtures, be sure to consider the area of ​​the room. For example, in a futuristic apartment design, it is better to use several medium-sized lamps and spotlighting, but large chandeliers of an unusual shape will look more organic in the interior of a country house.

Floor lamps are also suitable for lighting small apartments in a futuristic architecture design. With their help, you can highlight key areas in the room - for example, use it to illuminate the workplace or put it next to the sofa, on which it is convenient to sit with an interesting book after a working day.

Original Decor Items

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The concept of decor is traditionally alien to the futuristic style in the futuristic interior. In such rooms, there is no place for non-futuristic design elements like warm arm knitted blankets, wicker baskets, decorative ceramic plates and cute figurines. Most often, designers rely on modern digital technology and small stylish products made of metal, plastic, or glass.

In addition, mirrors can be found in futuristic rooms. Frames and classic shapes are not needed - the creativity and spirit of a progressive future must be reflected in these products.

Choose decor to match the decor of the room. If the interior combines several colors and also has several sources of light, it is better to stop at small table figurines or decorative compositions with simple shapes. But in a room dominated by shades of white, you can add bright colors and abstract shapes. There must be a balance in everything.

So, the style of futurism is a rather complex direction, and each designer sees it in his own way. For some, it is associated exclusively with space travel, while others represent it as a technological paradise on Earth. Find your vision and don't be afraid to experiment.

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