French Country Architecture in the Interior - Learn How to Create an Atmosphere of Lightness and Ease

French Country Architecture

France, without exaggeration, is the heart of Europe, it has always set the tone in its architecture. Almost all successive monarchs, the church, and of course, the common people, who in each province have their own traditional foundations, left their mark on it. Time has certainly made a difference, but the French provincial house is still for many role models today. What is his French provincial style harmony? This will be discussed in this article.

What Is French Provincial?

The Provence style is named after a picturesque region in the south of France. The region is known for its varied landscape, with the Southern Alps, rolling vineyards, olive groves, pine forests, and lavender fields. The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, the bright sun, rural comfort, a combination of refined simplicity and comfort - this is the basis of the French provincial home.

The sunny province on the shores of the Mediterranean inspires designers around the world to create interiors in a style where the centuries-old traditions of France and the eternal beauty of French country architecture and nature are intertwined. How to create the atmosphere of the French countryside in your own home?

Features of Interior Design in Provence Style

  • Warm pastel colors;
  • Wall decoration with plaster;
  • Natural materials with natural texture;
  • Aged furniture with scuffs, patina, wood carvings;
  • Abundance of fresh flowers and herbaria;
  • Porcelain and ceramics figurines;
  • Ceiling wooden beams;
  • Forged decor elements;
  • Sewing, ruffles, cutwork;
  • Floral patterns.

The French provincial architecture in modern interiors is characterized by an abundance of light and warm, natural shades. This seemingly rustic style has long ceased to be the prerogative of only country houses and has become an integral part of urban dwellings.

Everyone can bring the atmosphere of french revival to their home. To do this, it is not at all necessary to arrange major repairs or redevelop. It is enough just to add some distinctive interior details and create the necessary associations with the help of natural fabrics, natural materials, and light colors with small splashes of bright shades.

The Color Scheme of the French Provincial Style

The Color Scheme of the French Provincial Style

French style houses carry the feeling of a hot seaside. In this provincial style, they mainly use pacifying, pastel, as if faded in the sun, tones. The main colors of the french provincial house style are soft and tender. Among them, the most popular are:

  • white,
  • sand,
  • cream,
  • muted yellow
  • light blue,
  • pale green
  • lavender

The shade of dried clay and the rich aqua color also deserve special attention. It is important to observe this color palette both in the decoration of the walls and in the elements of decor and textiles. At the same time, the furniture should remain a little brighter, harmoniously standing out against the background of the pastel-colored walls.

Scuffs, irregularities, and decorative cracks will help to create the necessary aging effect and the impression of surfaces scorched by the southern sun.

Classic House in Provincial Style

Classic House in Provincial Style

A small rectangular building, built of brick or stone (usually limestone), surrounded by a garden. The French provincial style homes have from one to three floors; inside you can find a spacious living room and 3-4 bedrooms; the design is characterized by the following features:

  • Facade. Differs in refined simplicity due to the choice of laconic architectural forms. The building has a low plinth (garden path leads to the entrance doors); the porch is most often absent or consists of two or three steps.
  • Roof. Mostly simple, with small overhangs and dormer windows; a cozy attic is often hidden under it. The classic roofing is variegated tiles.
  • Window. To match the style, the windows are kept small and decorated with shutters (or imitation of them). The modern trend, neo-Provence, allows the use of panoramic windows or window openings from floor level.
  • Entrance doors. Solid, decorated with forged fragments; an indispensable addition - a viewing window. In modern french style cottages, options with glass and stained-glass inserts are popular.
  • Wall decoration. For her, plaster of delicate shades (beige, coffee, lilac, milky) is chosen. Also, the walls are sheathed with wooden clapboard or revetted with stone, both natural (slate, limestone, sandstone) and artificial.
  • Small pieces of furniture (shelves, dressing tables, sofas) are often decorated with wrought iron elements with the addition of a noble patina. Small pieces of furniture. To complete the look of the house, details are needed: mirrors in openwork frames, elegant hangers and a functional umbrella stand.

What Is Required to Create a Provincial Style?

When creating a provincial style, the use of plastic, glass, metal is practically excluded. Home french architecture 1700s decoration requires the use of natural materials: ceramics, stone, wood. But the use of natural finishing products is quite an expensive pleasure. Therefore, it is quite possible to get by with a high-quality imitation offered on the market in a large assortment. Artificial decorative elements have a lower cost, but at the same time, they are not inferior in basic parameters to natural materials.

Materials that are usually used when creating decor in French style architecture:

  • plaster compositions: decorated, tinted, interspersed;
  • wood materials: lining, beams;
  • natural stone of the correct shape and quarry (scrap).

The French residential architecture is based on the discreet charm of antiquity: slightly worn and cracked, unevenly plastered facades. Plants also play a huge role in the interior and exterior decoration of the premises.

Provincial Style Interior Design

Provincial Style Interior Design

Interior design in French provincial definition is based not only on color and the use of natural materials. The choice of accessories is of great importance; the right decor will help spice up the romantic French style. The following items are used for interior decoration:

  • Textile. To make your bedroom or living room look cozy, you need to take care of tablecloths, cushions, napkins, bedspreads, rugs, and curtains. Don't be afraid to overdo it with lace and floral patterns - it'll go a long way in style.
  • Furniture. Provencal style furniture combines two facets: elegance and functionality. The main focus is on the material from which the furniture is made. The preference is given to light-colored wood: walnut, chestnut, ash, oak. The use of wicker and forged elements is allowed. But it is better to refuse modern materials.
  • Small decor. In the french provincial design kitchen, there is a place for a variety of pots, pots and tureens, ceramic and porcelain. The living room and hallway will be decorated with vases, figurines, boxes, dried and fresh flowers. You cannot do without photographs and paintings in simple (or, conversely, openwork) frames.
  • Lighting. Floristic motives are found not only in decoration and textiles but also on lampshades of lighting fixtures. To harmoniously complement the interior, you will need laconic and graceful chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces.

So, this style in a modern interior is characterized by an abundance of light and warm, natural shades.

Everyone can bring an atmosphere ща traditional french houses to their home. To do this, it is not at all necessary to arrange major repairs or redevelop. It is enough just to add some distinctive interior details and create the necessary associations with the help of natural fabrics, natural materials, and light colors with small splashes of bright shades.

Therefore, we are convinced that he is chosen by someone who appreciates the naturalness and simplicity of everyday life. Our article will help you in the design of the exterior or interior. With us, you will always be aware of fresh design ideas that will help give your home and plot the charm of the French countryside.

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