Once Forgotten, Four-Poster Beds Are Being Reborn in Modern Interiors

four poster bed

This four-poster bed becomes the center of the bedroom, drawing the eye. A person sleeping on this bed begins to feel like special royal blood. Canopies are associated with royal chambers, feudal castles, princess bedrooms. Therefore, many people mistakenly believe that in order to own a four-poster bed, you need to purchase a castle or a huge country mansion.

What Is a Poster Bed and Why Do You Need a Four-Poster?

What is a four-poster bed? Once a modern four post beds were necessary to protect the sleeper from insects and drafts. Currently, the canopy is more decorative than a utilitarian interior detail. Stylish decoration made of frame and fabric creates a cozy atmosphere of privacy and tranquility.

What Kind of Canopy Beds Are There?

There are four-poster bed decorating ideas, all of which are interesting in their own way.

The canopy is a very functional element of the newborn crib. It creates a cozy space for the baby, diffuses bright light, and gets rid of dust and insects. If the crib is by the window, the thick fabric protects the baby from drafts. And, of course, the canopy in the nursery looks very attractive.

A four-poster bed with curtains is a great addition to a transformable crib. It is useful when the structure is assembled in a round cradle - the baby feels safer in a confined space. A canopy will not be superfluous over the elongated crib of an older baby, because the child still needs a comfortable sleep in a four-poster bedroom. Also, the canopy can be used when the crib turns into a playpen.

A girl over two years old will appreciate the original carriage bed or car bed with a canopy. Here, its role as decor is irreplaceable. Boys will prefer a cottage bed or a loft bed. In all these cases, the canopy serves as an additional element for games.

Types of Four Post Canopy Bed Designs

four post canopy bed

There are several traditional ways to place a canopy. To make the canopy look harmonious, the holder for it is selected taking into account the dimensions of the bedroom and bed.


It is a suspended structure in the form of a luxury poster bed that is attached to the ceiling. A popular option for sale with a wide selection of materials and colors. The most inexpensive is the plastic hoop. It weighs a little, therefore, the fabric is chosen for its light, airy.


This is usually a structural part of dark wood four-poster bed, but can also be purchased separately. Racks can be metal or wood, which are massive columns or carved balusters. They look good only in spacious apartments.


Mounts to the wall at the head of the bed. The fabric is thrown over the bar, turning into a minimalistic canopy. Can be used in small spaces.

Frame Construction

If there are no posts, then a frame placed under the ceiling can be used as a canopy.

Hanging Canopy

The canopy looks simple and elegant, the curtain of which is thrown over two or three crossbeams: they are fixed on the wall and ceiling. A hanging bracket is suitable for a crib.


Such a wall-mounted canopy is a semicircular arc near the head of the bed. Attached to the ceiling and decorated with fabric.

Recommendations for Choosing Fabric for Traditional Four-Poster Beds

luxury poster bed

When choosing a fabric for your own unique four-poster beds, you need to take into account both the taste preferences of the owner of the bedroom and the style of the interior.

  • Thick fabrics (velvet, tapestry, jacquard) are suitable for a spacious bedroom in a classic or oriental style. They will turn an ordinary bed into a king's bed and help make the sleeping area truly private.
  • Translucent fabrics (linen, silk, cotton) are universal for any interior. Such canvases are distinguished by their tenderness, they scatter light well, but at the same time give a feeling of privacy. It is easier to look after them.
  • Light transparent fabrics (organza, tulle, chiffon) are suitable even for small spaces. An airy veil canopy will decorate the bedroom, but will not protect it from sunlight.

Four-Poster Bed Decorating Ideas

The four-poster headboard can be called a versatile bedroom decor, suitable for any style - from Gothic to Provence. The main thing is to choose the appropriate design and fabric.

  • The shabby chic or vintage four poster beds direction emphasizes antiquity and sophistication. A translucent painted four poster bed, falling in careless waves, fits perfectly into such an interior.
  • Loft-style or contemporary four poster bed interior decoration is characterized by untreated surfaces, metal and concrete. At the same time, the "industrial" interior emphasizes space and light. Multi-layered canopies will not work here, but black corner posts with transparent drapery would be appropriate.
  • Provence, or "French country" four poster antique bed, consists of pastel colors, light furniture and textures of natural materials. The rustic component here is intertwined with luxury, so an ornate canopy with floral patterns will favorably emphasize this style.
  • The bedding for four poster beds is simply irreplaceable in the Baroque style. Its main feature is pomp. Here, decoration in gold would be appropriate, and the king's bed should be decorated with a dense drapery made of expensive elite fabric.

The combination of blue and white ornate four poster bed and natural wood is characteristic of the enchanting nautical style. A light, light canopy will come in handy here, adding airiness to the atmosphere.

Advantages and Disadvantages

what is a poster bed

The Canopy above the Bed Has a Number of Advantages:

  • a luxurious addition to the bedroom interior;
  • elegant design solution;
  • visual reduction of unnecessarily high bedroom ceilings;
  • protection from drafts, dust, insects, sunlight;
  • comfortable morning and afternoon sleep;
  • increasing privacy, especially if the bedroom has no doors;
  • the feeling of peace, security.

At the Same Time, the Design Has a Number of Specific Disadvantages:

  • A canopy bed takes up space. For bedrooms with low ceilings, the options are very limited. You may have to completely abandon such a design so as not to clutter up space.
  • Folds of matter accumulate dust. This is especially dangerous for children, people prone to allergies.
  • Regular washing is required. For the sake of saving time, it is better to choose a fabric that does not need ironing.
  • The bed with the canopy removed looks unformed.

Solving the problem of missing a canopy over the bed is easy: make two sets of canopies to use in turn. Then, even if one canopy needs to be washed, your bed will not look ruined.

Do-It-Yourself Canopy

Getting a simple four-poster bed today is easy. But it happens that the cost of the product turns out to be too burdensome. Or the store simply doesn't have a model that matches the overall style of the house and your aesthetic aspirations.

The best way out of this situation is to find four-poster bed ideas and make a canopy with your own hands. Such a product has important advantages: it is completely unique, meets all your requirements and will cost much less.

Every home craftsman can turn support for a canopy. It is enough just to lengthen the legs of the furniture to the desired height. A round suspension frame can be easily constructed from a conventional gymnastic hoop. A square hanging frame can be assembled from thin wooden slats or more creative materials such as branches, bamboo sticks.

The original design solution will be a beam (one or more), fixed above the bed. The fabric thrown over it will play the role of a canopy. The material of the beam depends on your imagination: wooden beams, painted or untreated, metal pipes, natural branches. A rope drawn through the rings on the ceiling will also work. Several beams can be fixed at different heights by placing the fabric on them in a spectacular cascade.

When choosing fabric for the four-poster bed designs, keep in mind the main thing: a four-poster bed should ideally be combined with the overall style of the bedroom. Otherwise, your imagination is free. You can try to copy samples of canopies, guided by the photo on the Internet. It is easy to find rich collections of photographs by thematic queries. Do not be afraid to combine elements of different styles, experiment with finishes and decorations. The result is a spectacular and original design - the best decoration for a bedroom.

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