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western living room

Western decorated homes and western rustic motifs in the interior look very cozy and simple. This is a great option for those who want to relax at home from the oppressive atmosphere of the metropolis. Also, this direction is ideal for country houses - it helps to preserve village traditions and plunge into the world of memories of a distant childhood. After all, many would like to have such a habitat that would give peace and where they would like to return again and again. So, we can give you some tips and western decor ideas for the living room.

Style Features

western decor for living rooms

When you are looking for country western living room decorating ideas, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. All materials are selected naturally or skillfully imitating them.
  2. Western decor for living rooms should emphasize their natural origin (untreated wood, stone, aged boards, wicker baskets).
  3. The western decor for the living room does not tolerate pretentiousness, emphasized luxurious furniture and gloss.
  4. It is not recommended to install high-tech appliances in plain sight in a country living room.

Color Spectrum

Western decorating ideas for living rooms are kept in natural, natural shades. The color of the wood, both dark and light, is the main color. Often white, cream, and sand colors are used for wall decoration, and brown for the ceiling, floor, and interior filling. If the wood color is chosen as the main one, then the walls and floor are faced with dark boards, giving the atmosphere certain brutality.

The natural color of clay - terracotta - brings a special warmth among all of country western living room decorating ideas. It is appropriate in the decoration of floors, fireplaces, or stoves.

The western style in the living room excludes catchy colors and bright contrasts but welcomes a smooth flow of shades from one to another. In such country western decor ideas, nothing irritates the eye, because country music is intended for relaxation and tranquility.

Materials and Finishes

western decor living room

The country-western decor ideas are natural in everything. The ceiling of the living room is finished with wood: clapboard or board. This option is not suitable for those who have a dark top that creates an oppressive feeling, so the surface can be left white and combined with contrasting beams. Another good solution is to coat the beams with a special wax, giving them a natural shade and leaving the structure of the wood. Light toners will make the ceiling appear higher.

Country-style walls are decorated with paint, plaster, or paper wallpaper. Wooden panels, as well as open beams, look great. Also, the walls are sheathed with clapboard, then covered with stain or paint. If the walls are wooden, it is recommended to use a minimum of textures on the ceiling, otherwise, the room will be overloaded, and in appearance, it will look like a closed box.

Using decorative stone or brick, you can create a spectacular accent wall that will add an even more natural look to your living room.

As a floor covering, a natural planed board is optimal, but high-quality imitations are also appropriate: parquet or laminate. Linoleum in the real country is excluded.

Another way to cover the floor is to use terracotta tiles that imitate clay products. Unfortunately, the climate of our country does not allow laying porcelain stoneware without a floor heating system, if a country house is intended for year-round living. This material keeps warm for a long time, so in winter it will have a positive effect on the general atmosphere of comfort.

To decorate a country-style living room in a city apartment, you must have a spacious room, as well as large windows and high ceilings. A small room with an abundance of wooden textures will look even closer, and white plastic frames in the window openings can nullify all efforts to create a country interior. A small living room in a rustic country style is decorated in light colors, and the most necessary things are used as filling so that the room does not look overloaded. The real fireplace is being replaced by a stylized electric one.


To recreate a house with the country western living room ideas, it is important to choose elements that are in harmony with the decoration of the living room. Furniture for the hall is chosen a simple, even rude. The main material for the manufacture of tables, chests of drawers, and armchairs is usually natural wood or its imitation. Often used are antiques, vintage or artificially aged pieces of furniture upholstered in rough textiles or leather.

The western style sofa is comfortable and functional: it can be straight or angled, with leather or textile upholstery. Its main task is to give the room coziness, to gather the family and guests into a common circle for sincere conversations. Its shape is never pretentious; the design contains a minimum of decorations and ornaments.

Among country western living room ideas, wicker chairs, antique chests, open shelves, and cabinets look appropriate. If the living room is combined with the dining room, its main decoration is a massive dining table and solid wooden chairs.

It is difficult to trace symmetry in the arrangement of furniture: the chaotic arrangement gives the room a sense of habitability and simplicity.


Western living room ideas of lighting in a hall is a thoughtful scenario that allows you to comfortably relax and communicate with family and friends. Central lighting is created using a chandelier. Often this is a voluminous product with wooden details or shades with imitation of candlesticks. Coarse metal chains can also be used.

Wall sconces, floor lamps in the recreation area, table lamps are responsible for additional lighting in the country style. In a particularly large room, you can see built-in ceiling lights. The light is always warm, emphasizing the rustic ambiance of the living room.

Textiles and Decor

western living room decor

Window openings in a western living room should not be overloaded with complex draperies. For the interior, plain curtains made of cotton and linen are suitable, as well as simple curtains with a weakly pronounced floral pattern. In a rustic style, open round cornices with curtains on rings, as well as lace tulle look great.

The country setting is replete with textiles made from natural fabrics: sofa cushions, bedspreads, and woolen rugs, hand-woven rugs, and rugs. The floors can be decorated with real animal skins.

Hand-made things are valued as decorative elements. Souvenirs and books on open shelves, paintings, and plates on the walls are appropriate in such a western decor living room. Frames with your favorite photographs, antique watches, and boxes that tell the story of a family look great. The tables in the combined living room can be decorated with fresh flowers in vases, and the kitchen shelves can be decorated with ceramic dishes.

Living Room Design Ideas

The western living room decor in country style has several directions that designers adhere to when decorating a room.

The living room with a bias to the atmosphere of an American ranch is devoid of grace: the furniture is chosen rough, the decoration is dominated by wood textures and leather, and the decor is homemade carpets and patchwork quilts.

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