Flowers in the Apartment – Why It Could Be a Problem

flowers in the room

Nowadays minimalist styles of interiors design are not in the leading place anymore, giving precedence to eco, country, vintage, boho styles. And flowers are an essential part of all of them. Even though the flowers can make some interiors look cozier and clean up the air in the room, they can also become a big headache, if you plan your interior by yourself.

Here are some things, which you have to think about if you don’t want to spoil everything with just flowers…


fancy flower-pot

Remember, that sometimes they are even more visible and attract more attention than the flower itself, so make sure, that they are matching the conception of the living space. Pay attention to the material and color of the pots and their compatibility with another décor.


how to arrange the flowers in the room

Placing the flowerpots along the windowsill is no longer trendy and, honestly saying, isn’t always good-looking. Pay your attention to special shelves for flowers, metal bases, where your flowerpots will look much more stylish and modern. The perfect way to locate all your plants could be a dividing rack, which can also perfectly zone your room. If it comes to the vases with flowers, you should remember, that you can place tall big flowers next to the wall – on the shelf or drawer. If the flowers are short, they can be placed in the middle of the table, so they do not obstruct the conversation and visual contact.


flowers in eco-style

It is especially important for big flowers – such as trees and palms. Keep in mind they are the design element, so their location must be planned at the very beginning of the project. If you don’t have a space for an extra armchair – you don’t have a space for a big plant…

Following these simple rules, you can easily use the flowers in your interiors so they bring you maximum pleasure and mark your good taste.

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