FLAT’N Digitally Prints Flooring Designs With Various Patterns, Colors, and Shapes

FLAT’N Digitally Prints Flooring

With the help of the latest methods of digital printing, FLAT’N creates unique carpet designs with individual patterns and shapes. And you can set any color combination you want.

Back in 2014, Sascha Schiller who is a product designer and a founder of the label was looking for customized floor carpeting for his cologne studio. But since then, the collection has expanded and now includes various carpet designs. And now, the brand wants to focus more on the business aimed at customized carpet production.

FLAT’N creates unique carpet designs with individual patterns and shapes

The production operates in Germany where the chromojet print is used in order to achieve brilliant results. Depending on the area of application, more than two dozen material alternatives exist.

During the restoration of the Landstallmeisterhaus, individual designs were created for 24 different rooms. And each unique carpet perfectly matched the wall and textile colors. The entire process, including delivery and furnishing of the space, took three months.

Flooring Designs With Various Patterns

And for Sebastian Zenker’s studio in Munich, three carpets in different sizes were designed. As a result, the interior of the space looked really prestigious space with the company’s logo design on the round carpets.

In Cologne, FLAT’N worked on the design for a private client. For the loft in an industrial hall, a few carpets in individual sizes and colors were created.

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