How to Succeed in Contemporary Designs of Fireplace?

fireplace contemporary designs

If you are looking for the best Christmas home design to enjoy your holidays with family, you’ll discover many modern fireplace design ideas to succeed in a cosy and warm atmosphere. The magic of Christmas has always been accompanied by the warm company of wood logs that crackle delicately in the fireplace. In this article, we are going to present to you all the best tips to have one of the most beautiful modern fireplace decors to welcome all your family and enjoy the winter holidays.

To choose what best modern fireplace design will suit better in your house and how to make it into a contemporary design, it’s important to understand where it comes from. The fireplace has almost always been part of our homes. The first was an open gap into the sky where coal was burned. Its only function at the time was, therefore, to heat the apartments during the winter season.

Since the arrival of new technologies, particularly electricity, the fireplace has become an element of advantage appreciated for its design side and less for its functional aspects. Therefore, in this article, we will offer you several modern fireplace ideas by browsing the different designs, textures, and places to have the fireplace that you have always dreamed of.

Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas

fireplace contemporary design

To have a contemporary fireplace design, several options are available to you. In any case, we recommend that you choose rather sober, clean, and sophisticated designs. By following these criteria, you will certainly succeed in your modern designs of fireplaces.

One of the first suggestions of contemporary fireplace design would be to integrate your fireplace inside a wall. This can be digging into different types of material such as a marble or concrete facade. In this case, your fireplace will be an integral part of the walls of your home, giving it a discreet and uncluttered appearance that fits in with the linearity of your contemporary interior design. This will allow you to achieve success in a very contemporary minimalist atmosphere. In addition, it limits the size of the rooms since this type of fireplace is directly integrated into the building facades of the house.

If it is not directly possible for you to dig inside one of the walls of your house, there are also different modern stone fireplace ideas that could be interesting for you. For example, you can build a stone facade just in front of an east wall to leave an empty space for the fireplace. In this case, we advise you to start with rather raw and neutral colors such as off-white, grey, or even black to continue with a contemporary interior design vibe.

What Fireplace Shall I Choose for My House?

contemporary fireplaces designs

If you want to break the classic codes of the fireplace for a contemporary and linear interior design, place your fireplace in the center of the room with a 360-degree transparent pane. Your fireplace will turn into a true central work of art that you can take the time to contemplate from all angles. This will accentuate the contrast between the linearity of your fireplace and the organic shapes of the wood fire. This contrasting relationship between extremes is part of one of the fundamental approaches to contemporary interior design.

Our latest modern decor idea fireplace is the Scandinavian stove. This type of fireplace, popular in countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland, is increasingly recognized for its ecological virtues. Indeed, its specific operation makes it possible to reduce the number of wood used but also to recycle the energies in question. In addition, with the Scandinavian stove, you don’t have any risk of burning yourself because their outside temperature is not influenced by the intense heat of the burning wood.

You can easily find them of all shapes; more heights, more rounded, or even oval. A valuable tip for successful contemporary fire design is to take the extremes in your choice of form. For example, if you mostly have rather linear furnishings, we recommend that you consider an oval wood stove. This will give an intensification of rupture of continuity which is specific to a contemporary design.

The Place

fireplace contemporary design ideas

The room of the house in which you choose to place your fireplace will also affect the interior design it. We recommend that you choose a place in the house where you want to spend more time and where the atmosphere is friendly. For example, if you enjoy entertaining guests in your home and want to take advantage of these wood-burning moments, we recommend that you integrate them into rooms such as the living room.

On the other hand, if you decide to install your fireplace in your birth room, it will give this design element a whole new meaning. The fireplace will provide an intimate atmosphere to fall asleep while enjoying the warming spectacle emitted by the wood fire. You can also think of incorporating a fireplace in your kitchen which could enhance its practical functions, for example for cooking certain dishes over a wood fire.

In this article, we have offered you our best modern fireplace decor ideas to transform your interior. You have been able to discover how a minimalist, sober, and contrasting vision can bring you authentic contemporary fireplace designs.

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