Anna Cooklin-Lofting Tells About the Importance of Lighting a Fire in Your Home

firelight in the home

Anna Cooklin-Lofting made special research to prove that the open flame can do much bigger than just to keep us warm. The pleasant fact is that it can keep us together. In the digital era, there is no place for human feelings. Modern technologies rule the world. Now people can keep in touch via their smartphones. But to be honest, how can it compare with the warm get-togethers near the fireplace.

Kindwood told about the rising demand for their kiln-dried logs since the pandemic has started. Moda Furnishings, the British rattan garden furniture company, announced that the sales of gas and charcoal fire pits have grown by 88%.

Catharina Bjorkman said that fire can hypnotize. The lifestyle expert at Swedish wood burning stove manufacturer Contura noted that sitting in front of it gives you the feeling of removal from routine.

Many people started lighting candles at their homes by the end of the working day. Katharine Pooley thinks that the element of the kindled fire gives you a sense of protection, being in a cocoon.

What is your attitude to the fire? Have you got it at home?

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