Find Out About This House Located in Amsterdam That Can Be Rebuilt Again

BETA Office for Architecture and the City worked on the design of the house the can be rebuilt for people's changing demands. The residence that numbers five stores was created to adapt to the needs of a family with small children, as well as their parents.

House Located in Amsterdam That Can Be Rebuilt Again

This tower is designed for three generations and serves as an example of multigenerational living. Two separate apartments are located above one another, and they create a home where the whole Dutch family can be together. 

But what's about privacy? The grandparents live in the highest apartment, which has all the necessary amenities for the elderly, such as an elevator, level floors, and grand door openings. In addition, there is a spacious terrace where all family members can gather together and relax.

BETA Office for Architecture and the City

The entire building can be set up into four apartments. This great advantage will allow the children to have their own space in the future. The home, made of concrete, also features bright yellow walls that give the space a vibrant atmosphere.

BETA Office amsterdam
Multigenerational House Built in Amsterdam

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