Find It If You Can – The Most Invisible Houses in the World

invisible houses

People always want to be noticed. We always strive to highlight our status, taste, personality, and wellness and choose different ways to demonstrate it. And usually, the way we decorate and organize our housing becomes one more way to show up.

But some houses the other way around became famous due to their invisibility and ability to get camouflaged with the environment. So if you ever had an idea to live in a bunker, cave, or hole, you will love this genius idea of house organizing.

House-Hole Organic House (Mexico)

House-hole Organic House

This building is 170 square meters and is situated entirely under the ground with exception of one room. Its outline looks like a peanut – it consists of two prolonged aulas, joined together with a narrow corridor. There is a lounge, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe, and bathroom – in one word everything that is needed for the full-value living.

Invisible Barn (New York)

invisible barn ney york

The idea to cover up the wooden construction with reflective material belongs to STPMJ Company from Brookline. The building is situated in the park and reflects everything that surrounds it, so you would really have a hard time finding it.

Juniper House (Sweden)

juniper house sweden

Swedish architects have created a house that is practically invisible from certain points. But unlike the previous one, it is covered with pictures of the trees, applied to the special textile.

Green Box (Italy)

greenbox italy

All that the Italian designers did is just allowed the plants to cover the house entirely from the bottom to the roof. So now it is camouflaged with the climbing and blooming plants.

Underground House Aloni (Greece)

aloni house greece

It is impossible to find this house if you do not know exactly where it is situated. it is totally under the ground and the roof is being held by two concrete walls.

Cave Palace Ranch (USA)

the most unusual houses in the world

This is one of the most unusual houses in the world and was created inside of the natural cave in red rock. Here you also have a 25-meters deep well, that supplies the house with water and solar panels together with a gas generator.

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