Few Unusual Methods of House Cleaning

how to clean the house

Most people hate to clean the house and dream of getting rid of this boring and tiring duty. But there are some people which found a way to turn it into funny entertainment or even philosophy. You can really make your life way much easier and save more time for pleasant things, using the simple advice of these “heroes”.

Fly Ladies – Step by Step

house cleaning methods

The main idea of this method is to dedicate 15 minutes to clean a certain area daily. You have to set up the timer and stop cleaning as soon as you hear the alarm. So, you move from spot to spot, keeping everything in order. Besides you have to spend 10 minutes daily for the hot-spots – most challenging places like the sink, bathroom, shelves, etc. In this way you don’t have to “kill” Saturday, cleaning up the whole house – you can spend this day for your own pleasure.

Leo Babauta’s method

cleaning of the house

Leo Babauta is a blogger that specialized in self-development and sport. The main idea of this method is that you have to clean up everything on the way, as soon as you see it, so you can avoid the collecting of disorder and reduce the time of cleaning in general. Wash the plate right after eating, pick up the garbage as you see it, and wipe off the dirt as soon as it appears…

Method of Burning House

Elise Hodgson is a follower of minimalism and relaxed conciseness. In 2010 her house has burned down, and this sad accident made her change the way of thinking. She says that everybody has to think about the things that he would take away from the burning house. This method helps us to realize how many unnecessary things litter our lives. We have to live with the essential things only if we want to have a clear vision of life.

Kon Mary’s Method – Leave What You Love

This is a kind of psychotherapy, that helps get rid of the things, that bring you down or waft the negative emotions. So the main idea of this method is to think over what you really feel about each thing in your house and to leave only the positive ones.

Anonymous Sluts

how to keep the house in order

It is very similar to Leo Babauta’s method: you have to strictly assign the place for each thing in your house and place it there immediately after using it. They say it helps to organize not only the space but also the way of thinking and to make you more organized in general.

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