A Few Ideas How to Make the Lighting More Atmospheric

Atmospheric lighting is the type of secondary backlight that has decorative function only. It can be also used as an element of a certain style. They mostly use this type of illumination in cafes, restaurants, exhibition halls. But it can be also successfully used in home design as a way to zone the space or to create a specific atmosphere and mood.

Bizarre Shapes

varieties of lighting

The designers never get tired of looking for unusual ideas. The chandelier, which creates quaint shadows on the walls, can turn the interior into a fantastic space. It can be a wooden branch, metal construction, unusual furniture lampshade with unexpected decorative elements – this will never get boring and trite. But it is necessary to remember, that the excessive amount of bizarre things can overload the interior and make it look cheap and tasteless.

Pendant Chandeliers


It may look like a curtain made of lighters, which serves perfectly for lightening up a certain zone or things. You can also use a pair of the same chandeliers to mark out some big elements: put them on the sides of a bed, couch, or mirror. It will always look aristocratic.

Tender Luminescence

lighting atmospheric

A lot of super-stylish things are very simple. Look at these airy lighters that are made of metal carcass and weightless clothes or strings. The light goes easily through them but becomes muted and mild.

Morning Dew

light in the room

This is a new interpretation of spot-lighters which are so beloved by everybody due to their simplicity and laconicism. In this case, they are adjusted to metal strings, which have to stretch up between the walls. If you put them a little bit lower than the ceiling, it will help to make the room visually higher. This type of lighting looks very tender and mysterious and can be combined with the main lighting.

Perforated Panels

Absolutely awesome idea to use perforated panels with the source of light inside gives you plenty of opportunities to embody your most creative plans. But it is necessary to remember, that the light doesn’t have to be too intensive in order not to smuggle the image on the surface.

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