Some Advice about How to Locate the Furniture around the Room

arranging furniture around a fireplace

Placing furniture in the interior is a whole science! This process requires a special skill: How to put a wardrobe, sofa, and TV so as not to stumble in the dark and not to spoil your eyesight?

Today we talk about the important rules of arrangement. And explain in simple words how to organize different zones in the apartment to make it comfortable and beautiful.

Here are some rules for arranging furniture, which implies three ways:

  • Symmetrical - this principle of arrangement of furniture is mainly used in rooms with the correct geometric shape and clearly defined corners.
  • Asymmetrical - in this arrangement, the furniture is placed relative to the focal point of the room, as it usually chooses a fireplace, sofa, large window, TV.
  • Circular - choose one focal point and place the furniture around it on a closed line. Not necessarily on a circle (square, rectangle, and ellipse) is possible.

Also, you can combine several of these methods in the same room.

Room Furniture Rearrange Ideas for You

Remove the Excess

Your favorite apartment shouldn’t look like a “furniture store”. Take apart the things and give (throw away) unnecessary, and decide which furniture can be left and which is better to get rid of. It's especially important for small apartments, where every piece of furniture should be not only beautiful but also functional.

Forget about the Furniture along the Walls!

It is often necessary to combine different zones in the same room, - so don’t be afraid of bold decisions. Shelving that divides a room into two parts will allow you to organize a comfortable working area. And the bedroom area will make more room, which is especially important in-studio and studio apartments.

The Living-Dining Room

 simple furniture design

It is very important to allocate space for the table and to choose the right area. Position the table with chairs closer to the kitchen. But don’t place them in front of the entrance to the room - it would be uncomfortable for a man who sits on his back to the doorway.

Measure the Width of the Aisles

Draw a furniture placement plan and draw movement lines. Leave a minimum of 70 (or better 90) cm between large furniture or furniture and the wall. Make sure there are no sharp turns and that nothing interferes with the passage. In this way, you will find possible mistakes and save energy before moving a bulky closet or sofa.

Check How the Doors Open

It is important that all wardrobe doors open and other furniture doesn’t block them. The plan shows the trajectory of opening cupboards and adjusting the layout based on this plan.

Group All Furniture according to Their Intended Use

Divide the furniture into groups: for example, you need a coffee table near the sofa and a chair and floor lamp near the book rack. Put together the interrelationships of the furniture elements and create a complete, comfortable environment.

Move the TV Away from the Window

sofa and two chairs layout

The screen is better placed away from the window to avoid sun glare. Try not to place the TV in front of the window - this neighborhood is detrimental to visual acuity: the light from the window is brighter than the glow of the TV, and eyes will become more tired.

Rearrange Bedroom

Here, the focal point is the bed. Put the bed headboard near the wall. This way you create a feeling of security for sleeping.

If you are dealing with a double bed, arrange it so that access is available to each side. In another way, you can put it in a corner for saving space.

Fix High Dressers and Cabinets

Manufacturers always write about the fact that large furniture should be securely attached to the wall so as not to accidentally tip it over. This is especially important if you have small children.

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