Feng Shui Living Room: How Does It Look?

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Everyone knows that many things affect the human being such as education, school, environment, reading books, social circle, etc. It is very important not only to find yourself in this world but also to live with yourself and with the world around you in harmony.

In medieval China, the sages believed that many factors affect the inner world of humans, somehow. And the quality of human life above all depends on the home atmosphere and environment.

Each of us has heard or encountered in practice the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. Many years ago, people perceived it as something foreign and alien. Some people know Feng Shui is a symbol in the form of a circle that is divided into two parts - black and white. More advanced people know that it is a symbol of harmony/unity. Some of them wear different jewelry with Feng Shui symbols or have souvenirs (other decorative objects) with the image of the well-known black-and-white circle.

But What Does Feng Shui Mean for Our Home?

Let's start with the theoretical part. Feng Shui ("wind and water" in Chinese) is an ancient Chinese doctrine or a separate science about how to live in harmony with the universe. Or in other words, it's a science of balance. Feng Shui contains the knowledge of other sciences such as astronomy and astrology, philosophy, geology, physics, and mathematics. At one point, this knowledge was available only to the cream of the crop (wealthy men).

Today, Feng Shui Is the Rule of Life for Many

feng shui living room rules

From a practical standpoint, Feng Shui's rules help to make the result of repair and layout of housing as comfortable as possible for human life. The right things and their position can protect the house from the negative energy called "Sha" and activate the flow of positive energy - Qi ("chee" in English). But it doesn’t mean that if you put an elephant figure in the right corner of the room, you will get rich. - Well, it doesn’t work that way. You can probably use the rules of Feng Shui in the house layout at the very beginning or if you are going to build your house from scratch.

The Layout of the House by the Feng Shui Rules

North and South Part of the House (apartments)

Maybe you’re the person who works from home sometimes and you want to make a comfortable home office. According to Feng Shui rules, North and South are associated with career, self-expression, and fame.

West and East

According to the Feng Shui theory, the Eastern part of the apartment is in charge of family welfare, physical and psychological health. So if you don’t know where to place the kitchen or living room, you need to focus on the eastern part of the apartment.

The Chinese associate the West with creative thinking. So, the children's room or the place where you plan to create your masterpieces will be best to build in the western part of the apartment.

Northwest is a good place to store your household appliances (flatiron, vacuum cleaner, ironing board), sports equipment (bicycle, dumbbells). This area of your home is associated with help and travel.

Southwest is the part of the house that is designed for the bedroom of a couple or spouse. According to the Chinese sages, this is a perfect place for love and passion.

The southeast is a sector of your well-being. If you have a safe, you can put it in this part of the house.

We agree that not everyone can use the space of the living room according to the teachings of Feng Shui. But at an early stage, knowing these rules, you can determine where your children will play (learn) or your workplace in the southern part of the apartment.

Angles and the Negative Energy of “Sha”

 feng shui living room layout

All corners of the house, according to Chinese sages, contain negative energy. Therefore, streamlined shapes are the main principle of the layout of the room. Unfortunately, not so many people can afford to create the most streamlined space because most of us come to ready-made apartments. But not everything is so sad, we know the ways that can suppress negative energy, even if you have a lot of corners in the house:

  • "The wind chimes". You can smooth out all the corners with the help of this talisman. Just hang the wind chimes above the entrance to any of the rooms or where it most needed.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo sticks that are tied together by a red string can also be placed in a sector with corners.
  • Also, you have to be sure that sharp corners are not in the main areas of your home, such as the work area, the nursery, or to your bed.
  • Plants with leaves. The inhabitants of western countries use living plants(flowers) to hide corners behind their leaves. In their opinion, our green friends can absorb bad energy and they need special care. The condition of their leaves and root system may deteriorate over time (as a result of negative energy). Therefore, they need to be changed from time to time.

The layout and design of the main rooms by the rules of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Living Room Rules

what should i hang on my front door for good luck

All agree that the living room is the center of the apartment and a sacred place for each family.

Such a place deserves special attention to details, furniture arrangements, and materials. The most important moments in the living room set:

  • place the meeting point of the entire family in front of the room entrance;
  • don’t put the furniture in a row you’d better put the sofa and chairs opposite each other with a coffee table in the center;
  • use natural materials in furniture and objects around you;
  • candles, natural stones, and wooden objects will be an original addition to the interior – it can help to maintain the energy balance of the room;
  • it is necessary not to store things remaining from previous owners of the house, especially furniture (bed, sofa, chairs).


stylish kitchen

The kitchen is considered as one of the main rooms too. Here is the place where people can convey or express their love and care through the cooking process. The most important rule of planning is to place the stove and sink on opposite sides of the kitchen. Because these two devices are associated with different elements of fire and water, which are not compatible one to others. Some details that you should consider in your kitchen layout:

  • Don’t plan to place the kitchen in front of the entrance, but it is not a problem, you can set the door or put on curtains.
  • Don’t use red, orange, and yellow tones in the kitchen interior. Such colors can cause quarrels and misunderstandings at the dinner table. It is best to use light colors and shades in the kitchen interior. The white color symbolizes balance and harmony.
  • Don’t store broken or cracked objects and keep the kitchen clean. You have to realize that these tips can improve the atmosphere of your home, but they don’t solve all the problems of your life. So trust your feelings and live in harmony with yourself.
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