Fancy Furniture, Made of Waste


The modern world is actively looking for ways to reduce the consumption and harm caused to nature, facing the global ecological problems. This is about everybody, so nobody can stay on the side.

Most of the designers get involved in this movement and do everything to emphasize the importance of this problem. One of the ways to do it is producing the fancy things for home design out of simple materials, that we usually through into the garbage without even thinking.

Old Newspapers and Magazines

Designer Woo Ji Lee offers to create the furniture out of newspapers. He presses it via special machines and glue solutions into a block, which can be combined with each other up to your taste, like a puzzle. This furniture is unique due to the patterns that you get in the end.

Old Car’s Details

Germany design-studio Unibro design has created a collection of furniture made of car details and parts of old industrial machines. Every this product is a piece of art, as it has its story and philosophical full-filling. This kind of furniture can be a perfect way to bring new esthetic to your home design.

Volcanic Rocks

Basalt – the result of the volcano explosion – is a beautiful material of dark-grey color. Italian designers decided to process it and complete it with glass and metal. In such a way luxury and furniture and elements of décor appeared.


German designer Sebastian Aumer has figured out, that the furniture can be made out of eggshells, vinegar, casein, and cornstarch. After mixing this substance you can get material, perfect for making the tops of stools. The legs are traditionally made of wood. So this furniture is 100 % ecological and can be produced from the wood waste of any bakery.

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