Essential Electrical Sockets, That Everybody Forgets About

electrical sockets in the kitchen

As you know, style is formed with interior objects. And at first sight, invisible sockets and switches, influence the overall design of the flat and bring comfort and convenience to its inhabitants. Electrical sockets are the things that are most often purely functional, do you agree? But they can also be an interior decoration (depending on electrical outlet placement). When it comes to selecting sockets and switches, our heads usually go around. We won't give you any head pills, but we can help you with the electrical layout plan.

The plug outlets and switches in the interior can be both concealed and emphasized. This not only depends directly on the idea and palette but also on the surface on which the socket or switch is placed. Obviously, on smooth painted surfaces it is better to disguise them - for example, on a light wall to place white, on a dark wall - black or dark gray. From the other side, if the wall surface has an interesting texture (brick or wood), you can safely include contrasts.

So, you have to keep in mind the main rule: sockets must be neutral, safe, and much up with the interior.

Also, it’s important to remember the location and height of modern electrical outlets, it is a matter that requires careful planning. For each socket to be as functional as possible and at the same time hidden, it is worth considering the location of furniture in the apartment.

Where You Can Put Electrical Outlets in a New Home

Multifunction switch power sockets

Where You Can Put Electrical Outlets in a New Home

The number of sockets in your kitchen depends directly on the number of appliances you use. Best of all, to place a minimum of three sockets 10-20 cm above the worktop. A refrigerator and a stove are considered essential stationary kitchen appliances.

The sockets for these appliances can be provided concealed. Behind the fridge, a socket is usually installed at a level of 60-80 cm. Hide the power supply unit of all large electrical appliances like the kitchen chopper in an invisible area, at the level of the skirting board behind the furniture. This protects the power cords from damage and enhances the aesthetics of the room at the same time.

If you need a large number of sockets when cooking but you don't think they are aesthetically pleasing, they can be built into a headset or hidden in a locker. If there isn't enough space in the kitchen, the sockets can be built into the window sill.


sockets next to the bed

In this room for rest, sockets are provided in the bedside area depending on the number of gadgets you keep nearby while sleeping. The rest of the sockets are located depending on the functional areas of the room: work, rest, and boudoir.

Nursery and Children’s Room (Safety and Unavailability)

safe sockets

The children's room is a universal combination of bedroom, playroom, and work area. Child sockets can be equipped with a special valve, cover, or beveled plugin.


electrical sockets in the bathroom

For the entrance hall, one to three sockets located in the corner by the skirting board at 15-20 cm from the floor are sufficient. It is worth considering in advance what you use in the hallway, for example, a vacuum cleaner, electric dryer for shoes.


hidden electrical sockets

Be attentive, do not fix the sockets near the water inlet. The slots of the sockets from the bathroom and sink must be at least 60 cm, or better than 1 meter. It is important to worry about moisture protection. It’s well-known that the bathroom is exposed to the risk of flooding. For safety, it’s necessary to place sockets at least 15 cm from the floor.

Living Room

how to choose hidden electrical sockets

It’s also a multifunctional space (just TV will require at least two sockets). Sockets are usually hidden behind the screen, but flat-screen TV has trained designers to place them at the bottom so that the TV can be mounted on the wall. The standard would be to place 2 sockets on each wall at a level of 30 cm from the floor.

It doesn’t matter what the style of the room and its purpose is. You can choose the design of sockets and switches to the classics, and the loft, and many other styles. Even hidden from view in an inaccessible corner, these appliances will look stylish, maintaining the general direction.

In addition, if you're planning on buying a vacuum cleaner robot, also plan a place for the docking station and the outlets it will connect to. When choosing a location for base installation, it is necessary to take into account the placement of receptacles in the room, as the use of extensions is not recommended in this case.

Don’t place such equipment in the immediate vicinity of radiators and any equipment that is heavily heated during operation. And some more advice – unplug the outlets close to the skirting board, away from foreign objects, not near the stairs, and away from sun rays.

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