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Everyone loves the feeling of a guest complimenting your home. That feeling starts as you walk through the door. If you want a house to feel like home, beautiful entryways make all the difference. It’s the first thing your guest will see, and we want that the first thing they will see will be welcoming. These front entryway decorating ideas will make walking into your home feel like living a fantasy! Let us show you how to decorate entryways in style and make your guests feel welcomed from the first step they take.

How to Decorate a Foyer: Front Entry Ideas

Dutch Door

This cool door option for foyer entrance ideas is a ditch door. This door type splits in the middle allowing you to keep the bottom locked as a gate and open the top like a window. This option is super eclectic. Doors like these look amazing in bolder colors or pastels.

Paint Your Entrance

If you wanna jazz up your regular door, a great entryway decor idea is to paint your door an accent color. You could go with anything under the sun. We recommend yellow or blue.

Stained Glass

If you have the option, opt for a door with stained glass windows. These windows look absolutely stunning and will give your entrance a pop of color and flare.

Revamped Stairs

If your staircase is in the foyer, it better look cute. Consider remodeling or touching it up as an awesome one of many entry room ideas. Give your staircase a splash of paint in a fun color. You could also remove the carpet or change the railings to upgrade your space if necessary.

Flooring Upgrade

There are so many easy to install flooring options out there. You could lay down a laminate floor or even porcelain brick tile. Whatever you decide, this foyer entrance idea will take your front hall to the next level.

Antique Vibes

Keep it classic by incorporating antique entryway decor. Old school lamps, vintage wood tables, and painted flooring are some staples from this style. You can even thrift this antique look at local stores!

Lakehouse Vibes

interior entrance design ideas

This mudroom is perfect for cottage living by the water or at home. Use pastel decor all over. Colors like nudes, whites, greys, and blues are perfect with a few pops of cottage colors. Grab a live edge wood table to use as a shoe bench. Get a few wooden hooks and hang a wooden paddle above. This Lakehouse inspiration is one of our favorite entryway designs!


Keeping it natural is an amazing idea. Plants are a perfect front entrance decoration. Keep it small with succulents, medium with aloe or hanging plants, or go big with a statement plant like a fern or palm. Walking into your home like this will feel like a breath of fresh air. Green is the way to go!

Log Cabin Inspo

Get some wood on wood going. Install hardwood on walls, floor and bring some wood benches for a cabin-like mudroom. This is a great place to kick off your boots and will make that moment even more special! This is one of our more unique entryway ideas.

Get Artsy

Awesome addition to our home entrance decorating is to cover the walls in your mudroom with art. This will make it feel less boring and more full of inspiration. Make the art for yourself or find it at your favourite flea market. Arrange your pieces in a cool collage or orderly fashion depending on your taste. Art is made to be hung and an entryway is a perfect place for it to shine!


A mat by the door is an essential piece of front entrance decor. You can choose to make this little rug utilitarian or fancy. Either way, it should look in color! Opt for a bright color or black to hide muddy stains from shoes.

Get Rustic

Invest in some vintage, rustic coat hooks. These are more unique than your average setup and will compliment your hung coats beautifully.

All White

If you can keep it tidy, all-white looks amazing. It opens up space and creates a zen environment. Go big or go home! White walls, white staircase, white decor, white rug, and white decor. This monochromatic look is to die for.

Cosy Chair

A cosy chair is an important piece of interior entrance design ideas. You need somewhere to sit whilst taking off those shoes that are too tight or to plop down temporarily as you make it in the door. Go for something that saves space but is also cosy. A chair with a winged or rounded back will look extra cool. Top it off with a cute blanket and pillow that goes with the color scheme.


A clear cabinet in the front hall is a great way to showcase your favorite items. This includes books, family photos, and trinkets of your choosing. This display will set the tone for the rest of the home when you or your guests walk in.


For this style, pick interior entrance design ideas that are a bit more worn in. A well-loved wooden bench and an accent wallpaper will give your space that small-town vibe. Use colors like yellow, blue, red, and green, and choose decor that resembles life on the farm. Hang your favorite hat on some wooden hooks. Hang a funky sign. This front room is super charming and humble!


If your mudroom is just a hallway no fear. We have entrance decoration ideas for you too. Since your room isn’t spacious, take advantage of the length. Go for a long rug that carries through the hall. Make it a pop of color or fun pattern. Choose hooks that don’t poke too far out of the wall to conserve space. Leave a basket by the door for umbrellas or other miscellaneous goodies. Make sure to include a doormat to prevent sludge in the halls. Add some art if you are up for it. This front entrance is simple and sweet!

Add Quilt

Quilted Accents are a super sweet addition to any home. You can incorporate them on the wall or a seating bench by the door. This element will make a house feel like a home!

Mirror Magic

Do you ever want one last quick peek at your outfit before you head out? Well, then this home entryway idea is for you. Either hang your thin mirror or rest it along the wall carefully. This will not only lengthen your space, but it will be super helpful for you when on the go.

Doodle Wall

how to decorate entryway

This idea is for the artistically inclined. If you love drawing, a sweet personal touch is creating a doodle gallery in your front room. This personal touch will be eye-catching for your guests and serve as a great place to express yourself.

Fairy Lights

Coming home to a dark house sucks. If you want to be met with whimsy energy when coming home, opt for some fairy lights. You can string them beautifully along the wall of your entryway. Set a timer so they are on when you get home from a late shift or night on the town!

Classic Bench

AN awesome alternative for a front room bench is a church pew. You can easily find these in vintage stores or order it online. These benches are simple, stylish, and hold significance for many people.

Built-in Bench

To conserve space, the ultimate option is a bench attached to the wall. If you can also attach a shelf above that’s a win-win!


If you are looking to rework a large front entrance room, use it as an office. You will get lots of natural light for your work and if styled properly, it will give off beautiful energy. Just make sure to keep it organized since it is out in the open!

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