Emphasizing Earth Tone Colors in the Interior and Add Coziness and Warmth to Your Home

earthy paint colors

A relaxed and stylish room design can be created using earth tone colors decor. The natural earth colors that surround us in everyday life combine to form an excellent backdrop.

Sturdy glazed pots go well with wooden coasters. Earth tone colors can be used to create country-style interiors.

What are earthy colors? The origin of restrained earth tone paint colors comes from natural pigments that are found in clay, in different types of soil, rocks, and minerals. Everything just listed is included in the composition of the earth in various quantities and qualities. Terracotta, chestnut brown, and ochre yellow belong to the same tonal range, so they look great in combination with each other. In the center of this range of colors is a pure brown color. It has many shades - yellowish, reddish, greenish, dark orange, brick red, khaki, mustard brown. 

Add to this also the shades of cream and beige that result from the mixture of lime and chalk, as well as the serious tones of charcoal and soot - and it becomes clear how huge the possibilities of using this group of paints in creating a room's design are. These natural colors have become the basis for the creation of a colorful palette in many cultures: we find them in Roman fresco painting, in the coloring of military natives, in ceramics that were made by the Celts.

Interesting design ideas can be inspired by antique Afghan rugs, which are painted in soft ocher, pinkish beige and muted reds. Collections in museums - mineral glaze, glass, primitive terracotta pots - can also be a source of original solutions. In the library, you can find literature on the life of African tribes, whose jewelry was pink, dark amber, and gray-blue. Such earthy paint colors were also used in the painting of a primitive man.

If you like natural style with small glamorous accents, look for small accessories made of copper, gold or brass, such as mirrors and vases. They add personality and flavor to the interior with earth tone decor. Thanks to the versatility of earthy shades, they can both create a relaxing and serene impression next to calm natural colors, and in combination with richer and stronger shades - mustard yellow or emerald green - create a completely special and unique interior.

Calm Nobility

What earth tones colors? Earthy shades have many benefits. Why? They instantly add warmth to any decor without being too intense or intrusive. These colors are the best choice for small and narrow rooms because of their ability to create a light and airy atmosphere in earthy home decorating. If you want to add color, but don't like too bright colors, then earthy shades will be the best solution because they are refined and restrained, but at the same time noble. Choose carpets and floor coverings in earth tone color palette for home and made from natural materials. A big plus: earth tone decorating ideas can be combined with almost anything!

Cold Colors of the Earth

earthtone ideas

Cool earth tone house colors are created by mixing cold pigments with earthy primary colors. You can imagine them by remembering a floor of stone slabs or winter coastal gray sand. These colors are very calm and elegant. Their feature is - natural beauty.

You can highlight certain interesting objects with the help of walls painted in cream and pale terracotta colors. If the wallpaper is bright, it will lead to a visual loss of the highlighted elements. Glazed jugs and pots made from natural materials, quirky wall decorations, antique shovels, and scoops all have to be in natural tones.

Cream and beige tones are often used to create the background of the interior. Due to such great popularity, the choice of wallpapers in such a coloring is quite large and varied. If you prefer painting the walls, it is recommended to use transparent thin-layer paints of different shades. They give the surface a more aesthetic and finished appearance than an emulsion. Until our time, these colors did not stand out for purity due to various natural mixtures, as a result of which many species could be found that differed in color intensity. These tones allow you to paint all the walls of the room. They can also be used as backgrounds for brighter details.

Earth Tone Living Room

earth tone colors

When repairing a room using only earth tone interior paint colors, dull surfaces should be avoided. Factors for softening monotony are usually various interior details, their texture, as well as the pattern applied to them. For example, products made of rough sandstone and jute, greenish-golden reed mats, and some types of linen and cotton fabrics have excellent texture. Stone urns and busts, antique furniture, or furniture made of bleached pine give an original and original look to the interior.

Earth Tone Bedroom

earth tone decor

The room can be diluted with large drawings of earth tone interior design, which will not particularly focus on themselves. Look for fabrics and wallpapers with interesting patterns in straw, pale olive, or mushroom colors. To keep your interior in earthy tones, there are some important details to consider. For example, it's important to note that steel-gray furniture nail heads, bone buttons, raffia-wrapped antique glass jugs can add some variety to your design while still keeping up with the overall vibe.

Earth Tone Kitchen

earth tone interior design

In a country-style kitchen, it is recommended to use light earth tone colors. Often, beige walls and wood furnishings provide a soft backdrop for marble countertops.

Metal accents will help create a more sophisticated environment. Mirrors, gilded picture frames, steel, and silver will do.

Shiny textured fabric (taffeta, moire, silk) can add luxury to the room, as well as make the atmosphere more interesting. In a room decorated with such materials, antique furniture looks very beautiful.

Cozy and Warm Earthtone Ideas

Warm best earth tone paint colors are presented with lively and joyful colors. They radiate heat and energy. The names of the pigments used by artisans speak for themselves: Neapolitan red paint, Tuscan raw sienna, Oxford ocher, dark brown umber of the fertile Umbrian hills. The formation of all the listed names is associated with the place of origin of the shades. Raw sienna is a yellowish brown powder that has been compared to ground cinnamon. Burnt sienna has an orange hue. Raw umber is a clear, golden brown color, while burnt umber is chestnut. Yellow ocher can be the color of golden mustard.

Warm earthy decoration works well. The walls can be painted with light burnt umber. Furniture, various accessories made of stone, clay and wood should be matched to the color of the painted surfaces. A room in this style looks very impressive and harmonious.

An excellent solution would be a combination of earth tone furniture made of dark glossy wood with rugs as an ornament, as well as terracotta pots and embroidered pillows. Against the background of the walls, made in earthy tones, various paintings will look great. Metallic shiny details (old gold, copper, bronze, brass) harmoniously fit into such an interior.

To give the room some originality, you can make a large drawing on the wall, which will be combined with the tone of the room. Tapestries and kilims are often made from natural materials with pleasant earthy tones. Pigments for coloring them have been around for hundreds of years. You can also look for fabrics with flowers or leaves in natural colors.

You can get new pleasant earth tone house color schemes by mixing earth tones with white paint. The result is a soft, warm color that lends a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to the home. Designers are particularly interested in warm earth tone paint colors such as peach, pinkish beige, pale mustard with a golden sheen, as well as other delicate shades that originate from the earth.

In an earthy living room, natural materials and natural light go hand in hand. We choose cotton textiles and wood furnishings to create a simple and comfortable interior. Earthy shades are truly versatile: when combined with white they create a fresh, bouncy, and airy interior, and when combined with dark tones such as matte black or gray, they add sensuality and depth to the room. Or choose a trendy combination of natural tones with trendy trends this season - petrol, animal patterns, or ethnic details. Kilim rugs, wood accessories, or zebra prints will look great when paired with soothing earthy hues.

I find soft natural and earthy colors always popular. Sandy beige, gray, brownish and yellowish shades of different saturations will prevail in interiors next year. This palette brings us closer to nature and creates a sense of peace and harmony with the surrounding world in the house. An earthy palette will work well as a basic background and are easy to complement with other colors or similar shades of the same natural earthy scale.

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