Wonderful Kitchen Ideas with a Double Island and Their Features

It's no secret that double island kitchens have been popping up everywhere lately.

two island kitchen

Ever feel like one island isn't enough for your kitchen? If you're an avid cook or often host guests, you might like to have more space for cooking and entertaining, in which case a double-island kitchen layout might be perfect for your design.

Instagram and Pinterest alone have plenty of kitchen ideas with a similar design. We've reviewed many options and it's amazing. Double islands offer the perfect combination of space for guests and the ability to cook with ease. Best of all, countertops aren't hard to find at all. With a double island, the countertops get bigger!

Installing a two island kitchen provides extra space for cooking, dining and entertaining. Plus, you can have extra storage space, easily install a second sink, built-in cooktop or breakfast bar. Not only do luxury kitchens with two islands look perfect and create lots of space, but they also provide much-needed storage space.

The Possibilities of Two Islands in the Kitchen

You absolutely can have two islands in your kitchen, the only limitations are available space and your design preferences. Fortunately, many kitchens today are designed to accommodate more than one island if you so desire.

Advantages of a Kitchen Designs with Two Islands

double island kitchen ideas

Naturally, the main positive side of having a double island kitchen trend is that you get twice as much counter space in your kitchen. Typically, one island serves a more functional role – it's great for cooking and can include a second sink or even a dishwasher, making cooking easier.

The second island is designed for entertaining or eating. It often has bar stools, allowing guests to relax while you prepare a meal, or the kids to do their homework while you prepare a snack.

However, there are other benefits to this high-end kitchen design feature. Double islands can help organize traffic in large kitchens, provide more storage space, and even give more room for appliances like wine refrigerators.

The Best Double Island Kitchen Ideas

If you're designing your home interior, you may want to include a double island kitchen in your plan. First of all, make sure the room has enough room to accommodate two islands-otherwise, it may feel cramped and uncomfortable. Next, choose the layout of the islands. Below we offer 9 great ideas to use for inspiration.

Parallel Double Islands

kitchen with a double island

One of the most popular double island layout ideas is two parallel islands. This layout works best in a spacious square kitchen. It also allows for uninterrupted conversation, as you can prepare food on the working surface of the island while talking to those sitting at the other island.

You can make a parallel dual island the centerpiece of the kitchen with countertops or fun pendant lights above each one. Anyway, it is one of the best open concepts of a double island kitchen.

Adjacent Double Islands

kitchens with two islands

If your kitchen has an elongated rectangular shape, you might want to think about having two islands placed next to each other. This layout is essentially the same as arranging one long island along the length of the kitchen, except that there is a small aisle in the middle.

This style of kitchen with a double island gives you plenty of cooking space, which is great if you have kids who like to help out in the kitchen. It's also ideal if you want to have a buffet. Guests can walk through the kitchen, pick up food from the islands, and then walk into the living room to eat.

Double T-shaped Islands

open concepts double island kitchen

One of the double island options for small kitchens is a perpendicular or T-shaped design layout. Typically, the top of the T-shape is a work island, while the long leg serves as a seating area – if you prefer, it can even replace the dining table. The two islands can be connected, and in larger rooms, they can be separated by several feet.

This layout is ideal if you want to be aware of what's going on around you, be able to keep an eye on the kids while they do their homework, or even gather friends to play cards or board games.

Surrounding Double Islands

dual island kitchen

For optimal seating for guests in the kitchens with two islands, consider an L-shaped island, which can accommodate a large number of people as well as other options. Then a smaller work island can be placed in the center for cooking and other tasks.

A large island should have an overhanging counter where you can place bar stools or chairs - this can allow your family members or guests to sit down while you work on your meals. This layout is also great if you have an open floor plan and want to separate the kitchen slightly from other living areas.

Different Double Islands

two island kitchen designs

If you have a more eclectic or modern style, and you prefer something unique-you should consider two mismatched island kitchen designs. The differences can be subtle, such as using different colors or materials, or you can go the bold step and choose islands of different shapes. Just make sure that the islands you choose fit well in your kitchen and complement each other to create a cohesive design.

When designing your dream kitchen design, keep these double island ideas in mind to create a kitchen that best suits your entertaining needs.

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Huge Kitchen Islands with Under-Cabinet Storage

double islands kitchen design

The bright and refreshing design of a modern kitchen is sure to please you. This way you can maximize the available space for both storage and cooking, creating an efficient kitchen design. Make the most of the high ceiling with overhead cabinets that reach to the ceiling, and the two massive kitchen islands in the interior provide plenty of storage and cooking space.

Double Island Kitchen with Seating for 3 People

luxury kitchens with two islands

This rather spacious kitchen shows off your taste and sense of style. Use two kitchen islands: one for storage and the built-in oven, and the other for an extra cooking area and as a small bar or breakfast table for 2-3 people.

Kitchen with Double Island for 6 People

double island kitchen trend

Yes, yes, this option is bigger! But don't be frightened. A beautiful and spacious kitchen with an open concept provides plenty of room to entertain and cook your dream meals. The most important thing about this concept is the dining island that accommodates up to six guests. Everything else is up to your imagination. Open wooden beams, stone surfaces and parquet flooring – make your kitchen truly luxurious and attractive.

Custom Kitchen Islands with Rounded Countertops

kitchen designs with two islands

The unique element of this modern design for the kitchen is definitely the two kitchen islands. Although the finish and basic kitchen cabinets can be quite simple their roundness is what makes kitchen islands unique. Make the ceilings high as well and the kitchen can seem visually large.

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