Do Not Do These Mistakes Creating Elite Design

elite design

Even if you have invested a huge amount of money into your interior, it’s not a guarantee, that it is convenient and functional. Moreover, a higher budget does not guarantee a beautiful apartment design as a result. Let’s review a few factors because of which the money spent on repairs will be thrown away.

The main enemy of a quality interior design is a lack of planning which is to help you to predict a lot of small details. If there is no strict plan and you generate ideas on the way, you are risking to place the furniture and outlets in inconvenient places. Or at a certain moment, you will see that you cannot embody some of your plans because of what is already done. If you want to do it well – think it over first.


Elite design is not only about beauty and high cost, but also about functionality. In order to feel comfortable in the apartment, you need to think through every little thing, starting from the daily routine of the owners and their lifestyle. It matters how much time the owner spends at home, whether he has a family, what he does in the apartment, etc. Based on this an interior plan with an electric appliance, furniture, storage systems, a kitchen, etc. is created.

Storage System

The modern trends demand from us to make the hidden storage system. In this way, the visibility of extra space is made. However, it is important to consider not only where you will “hide” the cabinets, but also how much storage system you need. In such a way you will avoid the necessity of buying extra furniture afterward, as it can be no opportunity to fit it into the interior organically.

A Superabundance of Posh Materials

Never use all expensive finishing materials at once! It doesn’t look good when the wood, stucco, marble, slats are used in the same room. It looks much overloaded, you don't need it. Better to make accents. For example, highlight a chandelier, but choose calm and neutral sofas. Or you can decorate one wall with marble and make the rest in the same color.

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