DIY Bedroom Decor: Try These at Home!

diy bedroom decor ideas

Your bedroom is yours to decorate, explore, and enjoy. So make it count! This space you curate should reflect your own interests and personal taste. DIY art and decor is a simple way to make your bedroom especially unique. Everything you create will be entirely your own by default which is super cool and exciting! Some of these hacks won’t even look like a craft. They are just that good. You don’t have to look far from your own items for amazing DIY inspiration. You are going to love playing around with these do it yourself decorating ideas for the bedroom!

DIY Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom

There are an endless amount of DIY interior design ideas for a bedroom out there. Choose one, two, or more ideas that will match your current aesthetic and existing interior!

Fairy Light Designs

These are a huge trend right now in DIY bedroom design. There are endless things you can do with fairy lights which make your room more atmospheric. One, you can hang them on your wall. Two, create a pattern or drape them randomly. Three, stuff them in used jars for a cool lamp effect. Four, create rows of them parallel to the ceiling to emulate a European vibe. Five, drape them around your headboard for a bedroom fairytale. We hope these DIY bedroom ideas gave you enough fairy inspiration!

Make a Collage

This type of art is all the rage and happens to be super accessible and easy DIY bedroom decor. All you need is a base canvas or piece of paper and newspaper, magazine, or photo materials. First, cut out your desired images. Possibly decide on a color scheme or keep it random.

Arrange them on your paper in different ways until you find the right fit. Play around with overlap or spelling out words with random letters and lines. When you have arranged your perfect college, glue everything down. Leave it to set with something like a book over it to keep the pieces flat to the base. You can even top off your craft by laminating it!

Paint Something Abstract

Another one of our artsy bedroom DIY ideas. Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner making some original art for your room is a must. This way, you will have pieces entirely unique to you. A plus is that you can design something perfect for your interior by controlling the design.

Start by choosing paints that go well with the existing decor. Some easy paintings include splatter, shapes, and using tape to create linework. You can also explore adding texture with glued paper or clay and watercolor if you are feeling adventurous. Everyone will be impressed when they see your DIY decor for your bedroom!

Knitted Blanket

diy ideas for bedrooms

Knitted pieces make for amazing homemade bedroom decorations. Grab some materials and get creative. If you are new to this, there are many online tutorials and books for beginner knitters. These will offer simpler techniques. You can knit your personalized blanket in a block color that matches your space or go for a more vintage quilt pattern with different colors combined. This can take some time, but the accomplishment and use you will get out of this blanket are worth it!

Propagate Your Plants

This is one of the most current and cool DIY bedroom ideas. These days, everyone just can’t get enough plants in the home. They make great decor and truly bring life into your spaces. The only downside of plants is that buying a ton individually can get costly. You can save money by propagating pieces of your older plant and making new ones. Safely remove a bit of a stem and leaf and place it in a jar filled with water. Slowly but surely, you will have a completely new plant to enjoy. Soon your whole room will be covered with cute plants and vines!

Bottle Clouds

This is a super unique and fun addition to our DIY decoration for bedrooms list. If you want your room to feel like a fairytale dream this DIY is for you. You will love bringing elements of the sky into your bedroom. Grab a few used plastic bottles and recycle the caps. Remove any existing labels.

Cover the bottle entirely with glued on cotton balls. This will resemble a fluffy cloud. Fill each bottle with non-flammable fairy lights and hang them in your room. This dreamy decoration will transform your room into a beautiful night sky! Also, consider adding extra fair lights to the wall and fake vines to take the fantasy all the way.

Photo Wall

An amazing DIY decor for bedrooms option is keeping it personal. You can do this by using your own photos as the decor of walls. Polaroid photos work best. Arrange them in a cool shape like a circle or square above your bed or cover the whole wall in a scattered fashion. Displaying these photos will keep great memories accessible and use up plain wall space well. Photos in a bedroom are so important for making your space feel like yours!

Paint Your Wall

If you really are an artist get bold with your room. When it comes to bedroom DIY decorating ideas, paint is often involved. You can apply this by simply adding an accent wall using a fun color. You can even go as far as painting your own mural or abstract design. Find a place on the wall you can see well like above the bed or your desk. Worst case scenario, if it doesn’t turn out well or you get bored of it you can always paint over it or add. Paint is an easy way to continue reinventing your space!

Use Jars

Jars are one of the most versatile and cheap DIY bedroom decorations. This is a great way to upcycle items you would typically dismiss to recycling. Jars for things like peanut butter, sauce. etc work great. All you need to do is clean them up well and remove the labels. You can easily use these jars for storage. They are perfect for jewelry, loose change, pens, hair accessories, or anything else you can think of. You are going to love this easy and inexpensive addition!

Beaded Makeup Brush Holder

This is a super cost-effective and pretty DIY idea for bedrooms. If you need a place for your makeup brushes but don’t want to drop money on an unnecessary holder this idea is for you. Find an unused jar or vase and fill it with craft beads. These beads will hold up your brushes when you place them inside. If your container is clear, choose beads that will look great on your vanity!

Washi Tape Picture Frames

If you have some doodles you want to hang up quickly this is a whimsy and quirky DIY bedroom decor idea you’ll love. Place your paper art pieces on the wall with sticky tack or wall safe tape. Frame them in colorful washi tape in different shapes. Possible a diamond, square or double frame. Arrange your designs in an acute cluster on the wall and keep it random. It will look super cute above a desk or dresser!

Tote Bag Pillow Case

diy decor ideas for bedroom

This is the last of our DIY decor ideas for bedrooms. If you have a favorite tote or happen to thrift a really interesting one, why not put it on display in your room? A tote bag is a perfect size for a throw pillow. Simply place the pillow inside or remove the handles and sew it shut. Totally up to you and your preference. This addition will make your wedding that much more unique!

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