Discover What Is Biophilic Design and How It Can Help You To Connect With Nature

What Is Biophilic Design

According to James Wong, you can still create a calm and peaceful place in the chaos of city life. And it is possible if you implement the biophilic design to your house interior.

The botanist and TV presenter has recently created a space full of plants, and the installation was presented at Houseplant Hideout in London. And now, James and DaeWha Kang have decided to show people that the connection with nature is possible, no matter how small the public space can be.

Biophilia means to love both life and all living things. And from the natural instinct to prefer specific habitats the design comes which is aimed at connection with nature from our homes. The biophilic design strives to create quiet spaces and plants can help to achieve this.

One of the most important elements in garden design is the green color which reduces stress. They also suggest interacting with plants, such as polishing their leaves. The designers propose to choose a green plant with the ability to season change so you always see its new leaf.

Another important piece of advice is creating a new atmosphere thinking about the quality of space. For example, try to understand your furniture plan and add some details such as palms creating a calming place to read or just chill.

And if you don't want to have the same feeling of naturalism every day, you can have one plant of each different variety. Think about how many plants you want to have in your house and then double the quantity.

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