The Seventeen Artists Were Involved in Dior’s Idea To Reinvent the Medallion Chair

The Medallion Chair Dior

The French company Dior has invited the seventeenth artists to create different interpretations of the iconic Medallion Chair. The special item is associated with the great Louis XVI. The king of France used to operate it at his fashion shows to place the guests. And especially for the Milan Design Week, the chair was reconstructed.

The seventeenth various interpretations were presented. The list of the creators consists of the most popular designers, so it was obvious that the final works would be fantastic. The Fashion House didn't set any frameworks and all chairs are completely different and unique.

The creator of the brand was always drawn to art. Even at school, he sold his sketches for 10 cents in the streets. Before being famous over the world the creator had his gallery of art. A lot of famous artists' works were there but the business was closed due to his father`s bankruptcy. The Perfume House Dior has made several discoveries getting the essence of vanilla and lily aromas. Exactly Christian Dior refused to fashion the corset. The first man`s collection caused a lot of controversies. He was the first designer who released the line of accessories under the name of his fashion house.

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