Designer’s Secret: You Can Combine Any Colors in Your Interior

how to combine the colors

The fact is that any color combination can be looking good if you know how to combine them in the right way. But…

Still, there are some classical schemes that have been approved by time and are percepted as the most harmonious ones. The more you move away from those schemes, the more affords you have to make to have it looking balanced and comfy.

A long time ago Isaac Newton has invented the Color Wheel, which remains to be the main instrument for the correct combining of dyes.

Nowadays the Color Wheel Is More Complicated and Consists of 3 Disks – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary

  • The primary colors are red, green, and blue. All the colors come from these three, except white.
  • Secondary can be received as a result of mixing the main three dyes. For example, violet is a mixture of red and blue, green–blue and yellow, and orange is a combination of yellow and red.
  • Tertiary colors we can get when mixing primary dye with the secondary one.  

So Which Colors Can Be Combined in the Same Room, Creating a Balanced Space?

Here are four types of harmony

  • Monochrome. This type means that only one color is leading in the interior. You can also use different hues of it, but without going out of one segment of the Color Wheel. This method is mostly used in classical interiors and nowadays is not much popular.
  • Opposed harmony. The main idea of this method is to use the dyes, which are situated on opposite sides of the Wheel – in front of each other. One of them must be dominating – it can be used in the very wide spectrum. The other one is supportive and must be used in small amounts.
  • Relative harmony. Allows using the collars, which are situated next to each other. You can combine no more than three of them.
  • Classical triad. This the most interesting but also the most complicated scheme to use. It resides in combining three collars, which are situated in the same interval from each other and creates an equilateral triangle. Only one of them can be dominated.

It is also very important to remember that the main trend nowadays is to use rich and unusual colors in the interior: bleached coral, mint, wild berry, emerald-green, electric-blue.

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