Design Experts: Minimalist Trends Are in the Focus Today

minimalism in the interior

At the beginning of January British glance, Dezeen has published a review of the most important trends of interior design. Modern primitivism has taken one of the leading places among them.

Michelle Ogundehin, the authoritative expert in the world of design and architecture is explaining in her article primitivism as a trend that tenses to use simple natural materials, handmade and deny the implacable shapes and surfaces. She also noted, that the young designers persistently preserve national tradition, using ancient handcraft techniques. And this is exactly the factor that makes this trend to be worth of special attention.

Minimalism is having the golden time now. Choosing the imperfections, unprocessed textures and handmade each project turns into affords to say a new word in design.

But why such a design has become so actual in the world nowadays? The explanation is very simple – recently the humanity is experiencing the changeability of the world, its unsteadiness and unpredictability more and more. All this causes the desire to come back to the roots, when the reality was changing gradually, giving us a chance to adapt. That’s why primitivism has become so popular.

Here Are the Main Features That Make the Minimalist Design So Unique

  • Honesty. The representatives of minimalism say in their job: we are what we are. We are not trying to make ourselves look better or copy somebody, and that’s why we are interested in the world.
  • Naturalness. Proximity to nature is the leading trend nowadays. Most of the natural materials such as clay, wool, linen, wood, and soil are familiar to everybody!
  • Handmade. A lot of unique crafts are under the threat of disappearance now, so getting back to the roots and popularization of them may be the way of saving these crafts.
  • Tactility. Most surfaces in the minimalist design are “alive” and textured and this is the thing that enhances the impressions.
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