Decoration of Break Room on the Attic

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All rooms have their specifics and purpose in the house. The entrance hall, bedroom, bathroom, balcony have standard functions. And what do you imagine when you hear "attic room"? Many people have heard that there is such a room. But what is it for? What can you place there?

If people have an attic in the house, they often clutter up with unnecessary rubbish or don’t take it seriously. It can be empty for a long time. Until someone feels the need for privacy or has a hobby in the family. Another reason is the addition to the family. When you have children any room is worth its weight in gold!

Designers agree that an attic is a great place for those who want to decorate the house interior of a loft-style. And not for nothing, it's the perfect combination. The attic has everything you need: namely, a non-standard shape of the room and windows, it has sufficient light and a sloping roof. Each designer will be able to see a piece of art and they can use all the oblique walls and equip even the smallest attic.

As we all love to relax, we offer options that will help you to make the attic a landmark of your home.

A Little Nook for Privacy

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If we are talking about rest for many it means no unnecessary conversation and people. We need privacy and a moment of silence, we often can't afford it, although we should! You can create a real place of power for yourself where you can just keep quiet or enjoy reading your favorite book. Large bookcases and shelves won't fit there, but we're sure you can have a couple of nightstands and shelves. No junk, do you remember?

Home Theater

How long have you been thinking about a new family tradition? What about watching your favorite movie or playing pool? And you don't have to leave your cozy home, you can do it by yourself or with a team of professionals. You'll need a soft and comfortable sofa (it better placed near a short wall) and a TV opposite. Another important detail: it is better to create good soundproofing, then anything will not interfere with watching movies. It is best to do this with the help of a carpet.

A Hobby Room

hobby room

You can make a hobby room for your favorite activity. For example, you like yoga or your wife likes to do evening cardio on the fitness equipment. The attic is the right place for your hobbies. And you will need just a few things to set up a dream room. Pick out a couple of simulators, put in a mat, nothing else is needed. But if you have a larger premise and you like heavy kinds of sport (for example weight- or powerlifting) you can install a dumbbell row and other necessary equipment. Don’t worry, the attic floor is strong and can withstand the load. Some people install a sauna in their attic, also a good idea.

Children's Room

If you don't have time to rest maybe you have children :). Make a spacious and bright children's room for them. There are beautiful variants of children's rooms where you can competently use zoning for rooms separating. If you want to make such a room for your children but don’t know how to ask for help from an experienced designer and think through the interior to the smallest detail with him.

We've already figured out how you can make the most of your attic space. Another stage is interior design or creation of the style. We recommend the best option which is called Loft.

The distinguishing feature of this style is its roughness, minimalism, and simplicity. There is everything you need in the attic for it to be created (even those terrible wooden beams and oblique ceilings will perfectly complement the overall look).

The color scheme which you can use boldly:

  • grey shades;
  • brown and beige colors;
  • strict white and black elements.

Bricks, concrete, and natural stone are perfect for finishing (it can be replaced with materials that imitate them).

It would be better if you choose large windows without extra decoration and details. Simple, comfortable sofas that match the color of the interior. The original lamps will create a wonderful atmosphere of Loft-style.

Another frequent question is finishing. And it is not strange, because much depends on its quality.

The First Variant Is Drywall

attic living room

If you are planning to make a dry room it will be better to use GKB boards for it, and GKBI boards for wet rooms (they are waterproof). Manufacturers of drywall boards often offer small panels because huge ones are hard to transport to the attic.

Wooden Planks and Panels

The choice of wooden materials is very large: spruce, fir, and maple. The materials of these trees are very bright, they have the property of visually expanding the space. They are suitable for an attic that has poor lighting.

There are darker shades of wood boards such as cherry, pine, light walnut, beech, and oak. The exotic wood and dark walnut have the darkest shades.

If you decide to use wood don't forget to protect it from moisture and think about good ventilation in the room.

Wooden Planks and Panels

They don't rot, it is easy to use and resistant to water. These panels are versatile and will fit perfectly for wet and dry rooms. Besides, they are very easy to clean.

Those are only the basic nuances of how you can decorate the attic. But there are many options, and you can turn a forgotten and dark attic into a dream room.

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