Get To Know Eclectic Living Room Ideas and Learn How To Create Your Own Vintage Interior

Eclectic Living Room Ideas

To know how to decorate an eclectic living room is the most desirable and popular vision of your unique home interior over the past decade. Eclecticism allows you to embody the most extraordinary and pretentious ideas, to mix different historical eras and styles, for example, neoclassical with modern, boho with oriental style or fusion with art deco, as well as elements of decor that are incompatible at first glance with a riot of colors, and in this whole college, you will feel artistic artistry, a demonstration of the tastes and preferences of the owners, the entourage of collectors if antiques are present.

In most cases, eclectic design is a subjective concept, it is a picture of an ideal and luxurious space, which everyone sees differently. For interior designers, this is an opportunity to reveal their most creative ambitions and organize a bright entourage. Homeowners have their own assumption about eclecticism, presenting it as a very expensive and rare decoration, unlike anything previously created. An eclectic living room furniture or decor manufacturers offer their collections, the assortment of which can satisfy any eclectic desires. Many furniture showrooms have ready-made sets of such solutions for living rooms.

Eclecticism combines several directions at once. In the living room, decorated in this style, refined classics are combined with postmodernism, while antique decor coexists with ultra-modern things. Harmony in such an eclectic living room inspiration is achieved by combining directions in something similar and having common features.

What Is Eclecticism?

This style arose in the second half of the 19th century when the homes of Europeans began to be filled with things brought from travels to exotic countries. The result is a mixture of styles, which is called "eclecticism". The word is of Greek origin and in translation means “to collect, to collect”. It got into the Russian language from the French. Today's eclectic style is a combination of elements from various design directions taken from different eras and countries. In this case, all the heterogeneous elements of the situation should be interconnected into a single space. Usually, designers choose some neutral shade as such a connecting link.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Eclectic Style Living Room?

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Eclectic Style Living Room

The advantage of the style is that the interior can be constantly updated, changing furnishings and introducing new elements and details of eclectic living room decor. In addition, this direction allows you to satisfy the most diverse tastes of the owners of the house. They can bring their favorite items from different countries and periods into the interior, which will not interfere with each other.

The downside of eclecticism is that the line between taste and taste is very thin and easy to cross. As a result, the living room in the eclectic style will turn into a room cluttered with heterogeneous objects alien to each other in spirit. But there are still more positive aspects of this design direction than negative ones. In addition, eclecticism will create a unique individual atmosphere of the home.

But what makes eclecticism different from other styles? Let's take a look at 10 main features.

The Main Features of the Eclectic Living Room Style


Eclecticism appeared when designers could not come up with something radically new and all the time rested on the need to borrow some features from already existing directions. That is why eclecticism is so multicomponent. In your living room, you can combine features of several styles at once - this is the main sign of eclecticism.

Absence of Stamps

Eclecticism gives complete freedom of self-expression - when arranging a living room, the combination of style directions entirely depends on your preferences. Some details can be introduced into the interior only because of their form, and not functionality. For example, stools in the form of stumps may not seem entirely comfortable to someone, but they fit well into the overall picture.

Budget and Expensive Options

When choosing the style of the living room, you can focus on eclecticism, regardless of how much is allocated for the interior arrangement. It is allowed to use both rich decor and a more modest, economical option. Some pieces of furniture can be quite shabby.

Incompatible Materials

When decorating an eclectic interior, you can use any materials that are not even compatible with each other: stone and glass, iron and wood, textiles and mirrors. In this case, they are usually guided by the principle that the maximum number of possible variations should be used.

High-quality Flooring

In the living room, decorated in the eclectic style, almost any materials can be used for flooring: wood, porcelain, stoneware, laminate, linoleum, and carpet. The main thing is that the coating matches the general mood of the interior. For example, a snow-white carpet will fit perfectly into the style of a room with bright and varied furniture.

Neutral Ceiling

The ceiling in eclecticism is usually made neutral or white. The general theme of the room can be emphasized with unusual lighting fixtures or inserts. The ceiling can be both single-level and multi-level, with illumination in the form of spotlights.

Walls As a Backdrop for Decor and Furniture

When decorating the walls in the living room, you can use the brightest and brightest colors or stay on neutral shades. Even the complete absence of any finishing is allowed. The latter option will allow you to emphasize decorative elements and pieces of furniture of an interesting and non-standard shape.

Unexpected Combinations

In eclecticism, the form is more significant than the essence of the object. This means that furniture and decorative elements collected in such a living room can come from different styles and are unlikely to be combined with each other in a different setting.

Fancy Furniture

Furniture for furnishing a living room in eclectic style can be chosen in the most bizarre shapes and unexpected colors. For the interior of the room, sofas and armchairs are suitable, decorated with fringes, buttons, and tassels, with lush upholstery made of fabrics of deep colors. Furniture items are supplied with low legs, tripods, or castors.


The eclectic interior is ideal for those who like to travel and bring interesting trinkets from different parts of the world. There is a place for such souvenirs in the living room. The main thing is that they fit into the overall style, be bright and unusual. Such accessories will become the main accent spot in the interior and will emphasize the ability of the owner of the room to think outside the box.

What Styles Can Be Combined With Eclecticism?

What Styles Can Be Combined With Eclecticism?

This style allows you to mix, but do it logically, find something that unites dissimilar interior elements, and throw "bridges" between them.

For example, you can combine it with color, shape, or texture. Listen to your feelings, because no one will give you clear instructions for creating an eclectic interior. Much is built on your impulses, insights, and findings.

To create a similar interior of vintage eclectic living room, select several styles that can have common points of contact, for example:

  • Historical style (classical, baroque, renaissance, gothic, empire)
  • Ethnic style (Scandinavian, African, country, Egyptian)
  • Modern and modern style (minimalism, hi-tech, art deco, kitsch)

How To Create a Modern Eclectic Living Room?

How To Create a Modern Eclectic Living Room?

Now let's move from theory to practice, and try to figure out how to create an eclectic living room. The ceiling in the eclectic living room design is painted in a calm, even color. For decoration, you can use decorative elements, stucco figures, and even mosaic panels. It will be interesting to look at the painting of the ceiling and walls made by hand. Certain sections of the walls are decorated with ceramic tiles with patterns in some exotic style. In addition, window openings can be laid out with tiles, this will add comfort to the room. By the way, a characteristic feature and eclectic living room ideas is the different tonality of the walls and ceiling (blue and white, for example).

The mid-century modern eclectic living room will be chic with a crystal chandelier, from the pendants of which multi-colored "sunbeams" scatter in all directions. And the lighting solution will be complemented by two or three sconces or a floor lamp.

Create Your Own Vintage Interior

For the floor, they most often choose parquet or coverings that imitate it, sometimes tiles. An obligatory detail of the floor in an eclectic living room is carpeted.

The oriental style is the most popular, but it can also be a modern rug with a geometric pattern. Some designers suggest using handmade tracks in ethnic style as an element of decoration. Different rugs for the feet of the armchairs and the sofa also look good.

Furniture is selected based on the fact that it should complement each other. The rustic eclectic living room sofa can be from one era, the armchairs from another. They will combine their pillows or bedspreads, which contain certain elements from each style. In fact, it is the furniture that is the basis of the eclectic style. A mix of times and peoples, such as an Empire table and a 1960s sofa and Victorian eclectic living room chairs, will all create a unique, individual style for a room. Combine their details and colors.

We recommend decorating eclectic bohemian living room objects in such a way that they are harmoniously combined with each other to create a common setting. By the way, thanks to this, you can keep your favorite grandfather's chair or a mirrored cupboard in the setting and make an eclectic shabby chic living room.

The true secret of eclecticism's charm is in the abundance of decorative elements that should be used in the furnishings. Mantel clocks, candlesticks, vases and figurines, toys, and tabletop photographs in stylish frames - all this should be in the setting as much as possible. It is also recommended to decorate windows with massive draperies with hooks, fringes, and heavy tassels.

The eclectic style will allow you to collect all things dear to your heart in one place and admire them. You just need to show a little taste and understanding of the essence of things.

We know that many residents of modern houses and apartments prefer to decorate their homes in universal styles. And now you know how to decorate your cozy eclectic living room. The eclectic living room has become a kind of visiting card of the home back in the 21st century.

After all, seemingly the most heterogeneous objects are connected in it. However, this does not create dissonance and rejection, on the contrary, the living room looks like a single whole. And now this design has become possible in your home.

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