Crystal in Raffles City Chongqing – one of the highest horizontal skyscrapers in the world. The most impressive facts


This breathtaking complex is situated in Chinese Chongqing and consists of 8 skyscrapers, and one of them is Crystal – the second highest sky bridge in the world.

Here are some impressive facts about this miracle of architecture:

  • Raffles City Chongqing’s height is 354 meters, it consists of 79 floors and 1,2 million square meters.
  • The horizontal skyscraper is 300 meters and integrates six other buildings with help of connecting console apertures. Here are the observation deck, gardens, swimming pool, lobby, spa, gym, and lounge zone.
  • The complex is made of glass, aluminum, concrete, and steel.
  • The metal carcass of Crystal skyscraper is 12 hundred tons of weight and consists of 32000 glass and 4800 metal panels.
  • One of the buildings of Raffles City Chongqing is the highest tower in China
  • The project was created by Moshe Safdie and Associates and Chongqing Architecture and Design and refers to the shape of Chinese historical boats with a square sail.
  • It is situated at the point of merger of Jinjiang and Yangtze rivers.
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