Creative and Unique Hand Shaped Chair by the Talented Pedro Friedeberg

hand shaped chair

Since design is central to everything we do, we wanted to share an iconic piece of furniture with you. This fascination has filled every inch of his townhouse in Mexico City's central Roma neighborhood, which is the stage for his incredible ideas. You may know this artist and his most famous work. It is Pedro Friedeberg and his unique hand chair. So what is the peculiarity of his creative creation?

Sculptor and artist Pedro Friedeberg works in a richly detailed, surreal, and eccentric artistic style that combines neoclassical art influences. The Pedro Friedeberg hand chair is a functional sculpture that is an icon of design as art.

In addition to his architectural talent as an artist and creator, he began to produce furniture that shocked people and the whole international style of architecture and design that was Mexico. After creating his first chair, Friedeberg went on to design tables, sofas, and armchairs. These works and Friedeberg's other elaborately detailed canvases often included allusions to Tantric scriptures, Aztec codes, Catholicism, Hinduism, and symbols of the occult.

Today you can recognize his signature pieces by the hands he puts into his furniture designs, making them truly distinctive designs.

Over the past few years, designers have gone crazy for Pedro Friedeberg's armchairs. Sculptural and unique, they've been featured in Jonathan Adler's Palm Springs home and even in a bathroom designed by Lenny Kravitz.

Friedeberg's Life Path

pedro friedeberg hand chair

Friedeberg was born in Florence to German parents and moved to Mexico with his mother at the beginning of World War II. As a university student in Mexico City in the 1950s, he first studied architecture, but his designs for fantastic buildings did not appeal to his rationalist, Bauhaus-oriented professors. By chance, his drawings came to the attention of Matthias Gueritz, a Dadaist painter and sculptor of German origin. He supported Friedeberg and made him his protégé. Friedeberg is grateful to his mentor for instilling in him fanatical attention to detail in his work.

While Friedeberg's sculptural work has a soft character that is sometimes called spiritual, his paintings are something else entirely. He uses deep perspective, creating hypnotic, meticulously rendered canvases that depict rooms and cityscapes. Regardless of medium, Friedeberg's work is striking and instantly recognizable.

A Сhair by Pedro Friedeberg

friedberg chair

In the early 1960s, he was part of a movement of artists and architects in Mexico City called Fed-Up Ones, who abandoned the functional logic of the period in favor of parody and irony. Friedeberg's most famous work, the armchair, appeared during this time.

The original hand chair from the surrealist artist Pedro Friedeberg was invented back in 1962 when he was only 24 years old.

Such an amusing hand chair is made of plastic and molded to resemble a giant hand, with the palm turned upward and the fingers serving as the backrest. Already at an early age, Friedeberg opposed structure and convention, finding inspiration in the Dadaist principle of creating anti-art for art's sake.

Friedeberg describes his vision as a reaction to the stark modernism that reigned in his youth. When he studied architecture in the 1950s, Le Corbusier's functionalist maxim that the house is a "machine for living" was still valid.

Friedeberg has often stated that for him, the house and its objects must be some kind of crazy place that makes you laugh. His armchairs, some of which stand on pedestals shaped like legs, perfectly reflect this viewpoint. Though they're not affordable for everyone -- one of these chairs sold in 1964 at auction for $10,000.

Whether the first impression in the '70s was positive or not, the distinct design of the giant armchair is now deeply embedded in the minds of home decor enthusiasts around the world.

We agree that these creative and fun chairs are nice to look at. And you can find these hand chairs in a variety of finishes, from gold to silver to wood.

About the Artist and His Home

Friedeberg moved into the 1930s house in Roma in 1999 and merged it with the house next door in 2006. He exhibits his collections in the downstairs public rooms and works upstairs in a large library with thousands of books in Spanish, German, English, and French.

It has its share of surrealism. The artist also looks like a frustrated architect.

The success of his iconic piece of interior design is that more than 2,000 varieties of armchairs have been sold in all.

He considered his home "a refuge, a shelter of tranquility." He recently returned here after a forced 16-week stay in a beach village on the Pacific coast, where he was stranded during the pandemic in Mexico. When he finally decided to return to Mexico City, he bought traditional black pottery – a horse, a pig, and a turtle – on his way home, finding one of the only stores still open as he drove through nearly deserted Oaxaca.

Friedeberg lives alone with his cats – he says he has eight, but that number is probably exaggerated – and in the bedroom, where his two children come. He avoids distractions such as a cell phone or television, preferring a kind of "bel-epic comfort." The CD player is broken, so he listens to classical piano and violin music played on his collection of 300 vinyl records.

Amidst all this clutter, there is a certain order. The objects in his home are better lived in contrast.

The Popularity of the Unique Chair

The increase in interest from the public was undeniable. In January 2021, the volume of searches for armchairs was at its highest. More recently, from July to August of this year, the number of searches increased by 50 percent. It's not unreasonable to argue that the craving for armchairs has something to do with the influx of newly minted design fanatics who have become more personal about decorating their homes in the past year and a half.

Examples Of Available Arm Chairs

velour swivel chairs

Open Hands Stool


Give your space an artful style with the Hand-shaped chair. It is made of natural wood in the shape of two hands, folded together in an ergonomic shape, and ready to become a stunning piece of art and extra seating.

Vintage Rmic Tan Plastic Hand Chair


Sculptural Mid Century Modern style Hand Chair molded in a single piece of tan-colored plastic. Open 4 fingers create a comfortable backrest with a palm seat and thumb rest over a square base. The thumb base can be used as an armrest or as a cupholder.

White Hand Stool


With this Hand chair, you сan always be in good hands! This graceful sculptural stool comfortably supports whoever sits on it. And it's also beautiful as a work of art in its own right!

White Left Hand Shaped Chair


Stunning white wooden Hand Chair with nail detailing. Great for any setting, perfect for your interior design!

Vintage Swivel Hand Chair with Fingers


A pair of late 20th Century red velour swivel chairs. They are soft and comfortable. Try getting one for yourself!

Vintage Copper Wooden Hand Chair


Add personality and style to any room! Become the envy of society with a one-of-a-kind brass Hand Chair!

Concrete Hand Chairs

$3,299.00Stunning Concrete hand chairs, super comfortable and super sturdy. Perfect for a garden or indoor industrial-style space. It's minimalist and gorgeous.

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