Collaboration of Japanese Woodcraft and Modern Technology in “Pari Pari” Series

Pari Pari Technology

The Japanese designer Kodai Iwamoto has invented a furniture series "pari pari", in which traditional woodcraft intertwined with modern technology. The whole collection was created using the special technique of woodworking "hegi". At the final, all items have a form of glued layers of colored wood sheets. The collection includes shelves, tables, and much more.

Japan is famed for its respect for traditions. The old method of woodcraft allows splitting logs into planks with the help of a machete, not by the usual machine. The coolest thing is it counteracts the deformation of wood. Today this technology isn`t especially distributed. Only roofs and shrine walls are made in this way.

Japanese Woodcraft and Modern Technology

The designer decided to present all things in the structure of plywood. Every layer of wood is laminated and glued together. Then the author peels off the surface ones. It is very important to do it till the glue hardens. So the result- a random pattern seemed as the crust of a tree.

We are sure that the developer did more than just a line of furniture. In modern society, there is no place for family values and old customs. And such new developments in collaboration with old technologies are the best way to popularize them. Do you agree?

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